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Fading Glances of Afghanistan

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I wanted to post a few more pictures of Afghanistan and nearby areas for you. The incredible work of these photographers are on my pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/ptierneyjames/enigma-3-rooftop-angels/  Yurts and Horses - MongoliaPlease look up all the amazing work that they’ve shared with the world. There are a few pictures of my characters, or at least the actors I envision when I write. But the real beauty is in each and every snapshot of a world you and I will probably never see. Thanks to these artists we have an opportunity to move about a land like phantoms of discovery. Matthew Paley, Daniel A. Byers, Steve McCurry, National Geographic, Tumblr, and many more are a few of the people who created this profile of Afghanistan. Some have books with their photographs which I intend to purchase.

There are a number of interviews posted about the work I did to get to

Panorama of the mountains. Turkey. HDR.

yaks of Afghanistan

this point with Rooftop Angels. I’ll post them here for you to read when you have a little more time.







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