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Parallel Universe – Living in Another World

Do you believe in parallel universes? The first thought that might pop in your head is the hilarious sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, where some cute nerds sit around and talk about science, Star Trek, Star Wars and yes, Dr. Who. We’ve come to enjoy the thought of endearing physicists, astronomers and engineers living among us like they are somehow showing us a glimpse of the future. I think I’ve watched almost every episode five or six times. I always laugh at the same parts.    

I have to admit I’ve been fascinated by such things since I read Louie L’Amour’s book, Haunted Mesa. The author didn’t live long after that and I’ve always wondered if he isn’t strolling through another universe with Amelia Earhart, Agatha Christie and Harold Holt (Prime Minister of Australia 1967). Of course they would really be getting up in age now. Or would they?

Everyone loves a good mystery, so parallel universes are good places to spin the imagination. That’s why I chose that scenario to bring Dark Side of Morning to life.  Even though their existence, at first, sounds like something a science fiction writer would dream up with little or nothing to do with physics, the truth is there really is a possibility this exists. Scientists believe it isn’t farfetched at all and search the skies for indications universes may be colliding on a regular basis.

One theory is called, “Many-Interacting Worlds” which means there are multiple universes but all on the same timeline. That is where my story begins. In this theory these universes can interact with each other. Can you imagine someone from the time of George Washington trying to use a microwave for the first time? How about riding in a car? Then there is the language difference. Even though George Washington spoke English would he understand words like cool, radical, buzzed, far-out? Food would probably be pretty interesting too. Pizza, McDs, fondue, ice cream and smoothies? The list goes on and on. Imagine sitting down with George to watch a Raiders game! Whoa. I can almost see the expression on that stoic face.

So you see when I brought Wind Dancer from the 1800s into this universe there would be some complications. That part of writing made me laugh a number of times. I really enjoyed getting him confused. I tried to experience what he must have felt.

Dark Side of Morning by Tierney James      http://amzn.to/2ieQx6x  

Dr. Cleopatra Sommers never came to terms with her father’s disappearance at the Museum of Natural History in Chicago. He had been a Native American scholar that explored avenues of unexplained spiritual paths in their cultures.  The museum had been her home and playground growing up where her father spent long hours working. She was always drawn to one display case holding a mannequin of a Pawnee Indian. There was no way she could know he watched her all those years until the night he crossed over to find her.

Detective Jacque Marquette suspected the beautiful doctor of stealing priceless artifacts from a Native American exhibit. He realized after meeting his identical twin from another time and place, Dr. Sommers might not be as crazy as he initially thought. The layers of concern for his city begin to stack up as he is caught between culture and the Pentagon. Only with the help of a Pawnee warrior from two hundred years ago, can save his city from a deadly disease brought in from a parallel universe.

Wind Dancer had loved the little girl who grew up before him for years. When he decided to cross over to prevent his enemy from finding Dr. Sommers, the bombardment of changes forced him to rely on the ways of the past to survive. Navigating the future proves to be complicated as he teams up with a grumpy detective to hunt down a common enemy. No one expected the price to be sacrificing Dr. Sommers to the Morning Star in order to avert disaster.







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  1. I think it’s an interesting possibility. I mean, who knows what God had in mind? Definitely not impossible. Remember Dark Shadows? I loved that show. They walked into another room and were in another time period. Cool

    1. I really think it is possible. There are a lot of studies that are convincing. Think about the Bermuda Triangle.

  2. The idea of parallel universes fascinates me. Every day, we make choices. What if those choices create infinite timelines? Very interesting . . . looking forward to your new book!

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