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Damsel in Defense You Say?


That’s right. I’m a helpless female. NOT. Anyone who knows me wouldn’t believe that for a second. In this day and age women have to know how to take care of themselves when they are out and about being a devoted mother, business person, traveler or in my case, writer. Because I write action/adventure/thrillers I’m always on the lookout for things my main character Tessa Scott might want to use to kick a little butt when tough times call for it. Granted having a Boy Scout knife in your purse is a must, there are a few other things you might want to keep handy. Let me introduce you to Damsel in Defense.

I recently ran across these new products that I love! You might want your teenagers to have some of these goodies or your mom who thinks everyone is harmless. I use my writing as an excuse to buy these products and my husband goes along with it because he thinks I’m doing research and can use it for a tax write off. At least that is what I tell him. Of course he does get a little worried when I start talking about how a Tomahawk missile works. I mean doesn’t everyone already know that? 

Listen up moms with little kids in car seats. There may be a time when you have an accident and need to get those babies out of harms’ way. And guess what? Your hands are shaking and you can’t undo the belt, or it’s stuck or you broke a nail. This handy gadget is a screeching alarm, flashlight, flashing strobe, seatbelt slicer, window breaker and can be attached to a metal surface by its magnets on the front. It requires three AAA batteries. I’m getting one for my hubby, my kids and their spouses’ cars to keep in their consoles. Makes a handy little club, I might add. Granted I watch too many action movies and television shows where a person’s car barrels through the guardrail into a creek and the driver can’t get out. Now you can! I’m never going to be
MacGyver and able to figure things out with a paperclip.

Now you parents with teens; does it ever get any easier? The answer is “NO”. There are so many things to be afraid of these days. Kids walking around, staring at their phone like it’s the map to the Lost City of Z, Snapchating and posting on Instagram like it affects world peace and basically tuning out civilized conversation, creates a perfect scenario for a creepy van to inch up and someone to offer a cookie or cute puppy to your child. Okay. It’s me. Remember I have an overactive imagination, but there are scary things out there. I got myself this keychain that has an intimidating alarm if someone gets too close. I’m pretty careful when I walk out to my car in a parking lot. I already do pro-active things to protect myself, but what if I saw someone else in trouble? See where this is going? Besides, isn’t this just the cutest thing? The hubby is doing an eye roll.  I better move on.

Another item I should have invested in a long time ago is this protective case for my credit cards. Why someone thinks stealing your identity, debit and credit card numbers is okay is beyond me. I had five unexplained charges on my credit card bill from Miami, Florida. I know I didn’t get a car wash or eat at Taco Hippo because I’ve never been to Miami, Florida. Thankfully, my credit card company saved the day before any real damage was done. So I bought this case to protect my cards from the “I-want-a-free-ride-people” that may try to interrupt my attempts at retail therapy, which I engage in more times than I like to admit.

Just one more thing! These Conceal & Carry bags are wonderful, and they come with a smart little holster and shoulder strap too. With a variety of colors I chose two; black and teal. Big enough for your laptop, they make good carryon bags. Remember not to conceal and carry your weapon on a plane folks. There are rules about that kind of thing. Better check those out so no one will drag you off showing your belly button to the world. I fixed one up for my daughter to keep in her car for emergencies for the little ones. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the one I have but it is sure to get a workout.

http://damselindefense.net/catalog/  You can get the scoop here for other Damsel in Defense products. You can even host a party and earn products. (Kind of like Mary Kay or Tupperware. Remember those? This ain’t your momma’s Tupperware party.)

I wrote this review without encouragement or gifts from Damsel in Defense. I wrote from my own personal experience and desire to share these terrific products I am currently enjoying.

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  1. I love this stuff. Got my stun gun and pepper spray. Also got one of the door alarms so when I’m at a hotel (at a conference) I can stick it beneath my door to alert me if anyone enters. Definitely a must for anyone who travels.

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