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Chipping Away at Book Marketing


Not fun. In the old days your publisher would set up all kinds of promo, events and book signings. Those days are long gone. I’ve been a hybrid author for a while. I’ve used a traditional publisher and also and indie-assist publisher. Somewhere along the way a lightning bolt hit my ego and had to realize I worked equally hard for both types of publishing. The difference was with one I got almost nothing (traditional) and the other I made some pretty decent money; enough to make my accountant smile and say, “Oh. This isn’t a hobby.” So I’d like to share a few things I do to make it happen. I’ve since left traditional publishing, or at least for a while, because I just couldn’t afford them any longer, both in time management and promotional karma.

I now offer a marketing workshop for authors who are just starting out. Writers who have been at it a few years come too because they are still confused about the ins and outs of this crazy publishing world today. I wish someone had helped me four years ago when I began this journey. So now I’m going to post a few things each week that may help you get started on the road to success. There are plenty of terrific books out there that never get noticed. The same is true that there are scores of books which really aren’t all that special that consistently climbs the charts. Why? Good marketing.

This is not an easy fix so stay with me over the next few weeks, months and maybe years. I’m sure you want to be able to see that bank account grow. The first thing I would recommend to do is read everything you can get your hands on about marketing. Amazon Kindle offers a number of books free each month that deal with this very subject. You don’t have to pay for a workshop with someone like me, although I’d love for you to try it. I’m self-taught and it isn’t rocket science, but it is hard, consistent work you must do to get your product, book or idea out there.

Let’s start with some of the people, books and places I use to get inspired or manage the speed bumps of marketing. Some I read over and over. Okay. I’m a slow learner. Maybe you aren’t. A few I have on my Kindle and others I go ahead and order the paperback copy too because I want to lug it around with me as I travel. Sometimes traveling stunts my creative juices, so these little pearls of advice get me excited about opening up that laptop.

52 Ways to Sell More Books by Penny C. Sansevieri

How to Market a Book by Joanna Penn

Book Launch by Chandler Bolt

How to Launch Your E-Book by Mimi Emmanuel

5-Minute Marketing for Authors by Barb Asselin

30 Day Book Marketing Challenge by Rachel Thompson

How to Market and Sell Your Book over the Holidays by Frankie Johnnie

Marketing Your Book on Amazon by Shelley Hitz

Many of these authors also offer a weekly newsletter, tips or free webinars. Take advantage of them. Start a file on your email account and save those ideas you think fit what you’re looking for or can manage in your hectic life. It’s kind of a rush when one of them takes notice of you and sends you a personal email or offers you a free consultation on the phone.

These are not all of the ones I have on my Kindle or in my library. This should give you a way to begin. Please sign up for my continued blog posts. I do talk about other things besides writing. Hopefully you’ll find them funny, informative and educational. Continue to be awesome and remember Every day is a new page. Comments welcome!


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  1. Hi Tierney, nice blog and very helpful list for those who need a starting place for advice.

    1. Thank you, Kris. There is so much out there these days. Hope you got something you can use.

  2. I can’t wait for the workshop. I bought the Joann Penn book. I also get a lot of free books on marketing from Amazon. Guess I need to read some of them, huh?

    1. I love marketing books so I have quite a library these days. Even if you get one or two ideas from them it is worth the time and money invested. Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop.

  3. The only one of these I am familiar with is Joanna Penn. I listen to her podcast. I am ready to check out the rest. Thanks for the great information. See you at your Marketing Workshop on June 10 at the Library Center.

    1. I am glad you are following Joanna Penn. She has a new book coming out in July so watch for it.

  4. Sign me up to follow your blog by email, please! Can’t find the link.

    1. So sorry you couldn’t find it, Carolyn. It’s on the home page at the bottom on the right. I’m in the process of locating that higher up. You’ll have to fill it in. I’ll double check to make sure it is there. If it doesn’t work let me know.

    2. I got you signed up! Thank you, Carolyn. I was able to sign you in. I appreciate your confidence and support.

  5. Great blog post to start your marketing advice each week. I can hardly wait, and I’ll take a look at these suggested books, also.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Claudia! Those books really have helped me. Joanna Penn, one of the authors wrote me yesterday to say she has a new book coming out in July so watch for it.

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