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A Killer of a Deal

Every August, writers, authors, agents, publishers and amazing keynote speakers converge onto a writers’ conference called Killer Nashville. Located in Tennessee, the hospitality is outstanding and the environment nurtures the most hesitant of introverts. Three years ago, I traveled to the event alone, hoping my new attempt at a writer’s life would be inspired and encouraged. This conference opened many doors for me which helped to move my career in a positive direction.

Three of my fellow Sleuths’ Ink writers decided to give it a try this year. Needless to say, I worried that perhaps I’d talked it up too much, or maybe this would be just too overwhelming. As it turned out they fell in love with this incredible opportunity. The very first night we were meeting new authors from across the country, laughing and swapping stories of how we got our start. With friendships created and business cards exchanged, the job of improving our craft began.

What can I expect to learn at this conference?

  1. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation provides a crime scene taken from their files for participants to solve. I’m proud to say our bunch from Springfield solved the mystery!
  2. Panels – Terrorism, police procedure, writing the cozy mystery (as well as thrillers and other kinds of stories like romance and science fiction) deadly poisons, forensics and much more
  3. Workshops – Outlining, self publishing, marketing, fantasy worlds
  4. Round tables – Get your work looked at by a pro
  5. Agents – Give your best pitch and you might snag a contract
  6. Contests – Whatever you write there is something for you
  7. Keynote speakers – From former generals, to motivational speakers to great authors like Steven James, you have a chance to chat with them one on one. They are so willing to help you out.
  8. Book signing – I served on two panels and had several book signing opportunities. I got sandwiched between the awesome Steven James and the beautiful Pamela Hutchins who made me laugh the entire time. I even got a chance to visit with Michael B. Lewis, a former military pilot.
  9. The best part? I got to know my fellow writers better and made lifelong friends.

What does it cost?

With conference fees, extra workshops, hotel, travel and food I probably spent around $500. I also bought a lot of books! Keep in mind I shared a room and four of us drove together. That kept costs down.

What did I take away?


  1. New friendships
  2. Increased confidence
  3. Networking with other authors who can help me  A chance to recharge
  4. Inspiration
  5. New ideas
  6. Understanding
  7. Motivation
  8. Knowledge
  9. Support from those in the know                 

Keep an eye out for the 2018 Killer Nashville Conference. It won’t be long and the planning will begin. Start saving for the trip now. You won’t be sorry.

9 Responses

  1. I agree. You won’t be sorry. I’m still so hyped up by that experience. So many of the writers we met I’ve already found on Facebook and Twitter. Writing is a community and I’ve just widened mine.

  2. I loved it. Learned so much and talking one on one with successful writers was a big plus. I believe I will get even more from it next year.
    I made friends and mentors and offered to help newbies.
    Join us next year. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. This was a wonderful experience. I met new people and made many new friends that I have already connected with on Facebook and Twitter. I left the conference with a renewed excitement and determination to do what I love – write!!!! I recommend this to all writers, at all levels. I am still so hyped up I can’t stop talking about Killer Nashville!

  4. This was my second time at Killer Nashville, and I have to say, I learned way more from others by actively participating and getting to know the inside scoop on how different authors tackle their craft. I also met more indie authors than last time, and that was encouraging. The professionalism of the staff always stands out to me, and everyone there seems to just catch the contagious friendliness. I even got a pic with Tierney 🙂

  5. And I got one of you! I so appreciated your words at Killer Nashville. This was my second time as well with a few years in between. I’m already planning to return next year.

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