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Diamonds-Not a Girl’s Best Friend

I thought I’d let you know that my new Enigma series book will be out in a few weeks. Here is the blurb for the next Tessa Scott adventure.

Tessa Scott thought taking her children to Squaw Valley for a skiing trip would be a great way to relax. Reconnecting with her family turned out to be more of an adventure than she’d planned when several men followed her onto a snow-packed highway. After meeting a stranger at a convenience store, she convinced him to help her get away, only to discover later, the stranger was the bigger threat.

Handsome Jones had spent his life either hiding from those who wanted him dead or working for dangerous people, including the CIA. He carried the secret of his birth to protect the rightful heir of a country he never knew. The location of a secret treasure could change the tide of political unrest and corporate greed. When Tessa Scott stumbled into his life, armed with lies and three mischievous kids, life took him down a road he feared he’d never travel. After tricking the reluctant housewife into helping him hide the Kifaru treasure, Handsome finds himself in the cross-hairs of Enigma, and on the dangerous side of Captain Chase Hunter.

Never in his wildest dreams did Robert Scott think he’d be the target of an FBI investigation and a money laundering scheme. Kidnapped from his hotel room by men promising bodily harm, lands him in a secret location outside San Francisco. Interrogated, drugged and dumped in a parking garage, keeps Tessa’s husband looking over his shoulder in fear of more trouble and the chance his wife will find out about the dead woman in his hotel room.

When Tessa disappears under his watchful eyes, Captain Hunter races to save her from a dangerous man who convinced her of an incredible story promising to save a nation. Once more his newest agent believes the impossible and takes matters into her own hands. The captain must find her before she falls victim to more lies and the business of conflict diamonds. He didn’t expect an avalanche to complicate the rescue or that an enemy would save them both.

Kifaru is another action-adventure ride with the Enigma team. A story laced with

half-truths and hidden treasure, brings our reluctant heroes to expose deception and force a naive husband to participate in the world of crime.

And there you have it! The series are comprised of stand alone books but you may want to see how it all began back when Tessa was a housewife and mother, not to mention bored out of her mind.



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  1. Yes so excited have been waiting for the next book on Tessa story. So excited. You are an awesome writer. Thanks

    1. Thank you so much! I’m also working on #5 of the series. I appreciate readers more than you know. Stay tuned!

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