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An Author’s Christmas Wish

There is always one of those people in your family or friend circle you want to surprise with a special gift because they are so creative. Writers love these kinds of gifts that reflect who they are. Today some of the finest authors have mentioned a gift they’d like to receive this year.

Cara Bristol – An adjustable foot rest for short people. A mouse rug adds a touch of class to any office. https://www.mouserug.com/   Coffee. A lot of authors like coffee. A sign that says, “Keep Out!” and some crime scene tape.

Roh Morgon – I have a tasseled bookmark covered in skulls with the words “Keep Out!” in the center. I hang it on my doorknob. It sorta works    A lightweight book light and a book weight (narrow, sand-filled, fabric tube to hold the pages open when the book is on a table).

Linda Kane – I think a great gift would be a small notebook to put in your purse or bag. I carry one with a cover of the Hawaiian Islands or turtles that gives me inspiration.  By my computer a coffee cup with an inspirations statement. One that reflects what you know about the author. Another thing that I like is music, so a cd.

Lisa Wells – These pen holders are wonderful. You can stick them next to your plotting board and you’ll always have a pen handy. https://www.officedepot.com/…/TOPS-Bulk-Pack-Pen…/…

Amy Hale – I love writing gloves. My hands get cold, but I need my fingers free to type.

Shirley King McCann – Anything tea related.

Nancy Daily – One of those one cup warmers to keep your coffee hot. When the words start flowing I forget the coffee, and then when I take a sip…

Bonnie Tesh – It’s like a candle warmer. It’s incredible! The trick is to remember to turn it off. ☹️

Debbie Lee – Other than a good review..😋 Maybe if you know a special brand of pen they like(I definitely do!) or a nice journal.

Joyce Smith – My friend got me a pencil/pen/highlighter case. It is handy.

Molly Neely – So much of my writing involves research. Every birthday and Christmas I get asked what I want, and every year it’s the same… book store gift cards, Amazon gift cards, books from my wishlist. We’re writers, but we started out as readers!

Sandy Goldsworthy – A nice journal to jot down notes. Needs to be small enough to fit in a purse or bag. I always get great ideas when I’m away from my computer.

Jolanthe Aleksander – I’m with Molly…I would love gift certificates to amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble, or half-priced books. aaaaaand…if the giver is feeling extra generous…I wouldn’t mind a desktop with a 23″ screen..lol

Donna Warner – Clear, plastic stands to set your novels in at book events.

Cora Ramos – Writing journals.

Claudia Shelton – Since most of us in my critique group use a purple pen to edit, it’s become a joke to get purple pens as part of our Christmas gifts.  

Donna Brown – Gift cards are always good especially when you know a writer’s favorite restaurant.

Linda Kane – A coffee cup especially for a writer…something to motivate.

Kathleen Donnelly Mayger – I agree with the coffee and would love a gift certificate for a great place to go do a writer’s retreat.

Theresa Sederholt – We all want reviews, that being said, how about a journal.

Willy Robbins – A review is perfect…oh and a cool flash drive.  A box of Botox to get rid of the “why is my character not cooperating” scowl line.

Che Gilson – I LOVE the ARC notebooks from Staples. The pages are movable! So you can shuffle and rearrange them! They are the cheaper version of the Leavenger Cirq. And for writing implements- give a gift card to Jet Pens! They have tons of pens, art supplies and writing implements from Japan.

Lois Curran – Tee-shirt with something about a writer.

Ellie Mack – Journals. Pens. Scrivener. Office organizers. Amazon gift cards!!

Janelle Samara – Bookshelf.

And there you have it. I would add some warm socks, a lap desk from Office Depot and a spiral notebook size calendar to plan out the year. I already have one for the new year to implement my business plan. The calendar fits easily in your briefcase or carry-on bag when you travel. We’ll talk about your business plan soon. It’s really important.

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  1. Oh, I know you asked if I’d like to contribute to this, Tierney, but I just didnt follow through. But. My idea is rather pricey! A great gift would be a week’s retreat, un interrupted, at a nice hotel (doesn’t have to be expensive – A suite hotel is fine :-)) to write! Really, even a concerted effort to give some days to just write with no pressure. That is a gift I could use. (I already have a great cup and cup warmer, :-))

    1. The times I’ve slipped away to write at a hotel caused me to to get a great deal of writing done. I think this is a great gift for a writer.

  2. I got my planner and have almost finished my plan for 2018. I’m curious about the ARC notebooks. What are those? Sounds interesting. Guess I’ll Google them. Great ideas.

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