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More Travel Tips at Christmas

One of my favorite places to visit at Christmas is St. Louis Union Station. I love it so much I let the General Assistant Manager talk me into writing a novel that takes place there. It is just a magical place anytime but especially at Christmas. With the family experience of The Polar Express happening until the New Year, light show each night and beautiful architecture there is a recipe for fun, romance and memories. My tips for a visit to St. Louis are as follows:

  1. Include the St. Louis Zoo even if the weather is cold and nasty. The crowds will be small and you’ll still love the experience. This place is awesome!
  2. Don’t forget to go to the Science Center, St. Louis Art Museum and ice skating in Forest Park.
  3. Book your trip ahead of time if staying at Union Station. It is the gem of St. Louis.
  4. There are lots of great restaurants so do your research.
  5. If theater and music is your deal check out Powell Hall, The Peabody and Fox Theater. Always entertaining!

But what about more tips if you travel abroad or with friends? These folks have the best advice. Check it out.



Laurie & Bob Roscoe

  1. Layer clothing
  2. Pepto Bismal chew tabs before every meal in third world countries.
  3. Less clothing, more scarves; changes the look and helpful in churches, mosques
    4. Small back pack for day use
    5. Pouch with passport and credit cards and money, hidden under clothes.
    6. Don’t trust beggars.                                                                                          Bob was a mining engineer, now retired. He golfs, plays tennis, teaches Spanish/English, plays piano, long arm quilts, church mission trips and other church activities.
    Laurie enjoys sewing, quilting, gardening, reading, anything artsy, church activities and both, of course, enjoy traveling.

    Sean and Kylene’s travel tips:

Sean Tierney is a St. Louis attorney and Kylene is a specialized pediatric nurse.     

  1. We tend to travel with other friends. Leading up to the trip, we plan meet ups leading up to “takeoff” to discuss expectations. It’s important we’re all on the same page. On a 7-day trip, we usually want to take a day or so completely to ourselves. This is a good idea if you’re traveling with people who you haven’t previously traveled.
  2. Have a financial plan. Make sure you talk to your bank/credit card provider to make sure your cards will be accessible. Don’t carry every single payment source in the same purse/wallet. This is more important if you’re traveling alone/as a solo couple.
  3. If you’re on a budget, know it ahead of time. Do some time thinking about where your money will be going. You can get a good idea ahead of time about costs of food, activities/shows, etc. with just a bit of research.
  4. Know the weather and pack accordingly. We took two trips in a single month once. We went from cool/temperate to desert. Appropriate planning saves time and stress.

Rhonda Craft Arl – My Tips!

  1. Stuff is just stuff. Forget the souvenirs and take a guided day trip. For €30 you can ride a bus and have a guided tour with bathroom and lunch stops. The bonus is that you will go to the front of the line for the attractions with some entry tickets included. If they are not included the price will be drastically reduced.
  2. Eat what the locals eat. Don’t go to a foreign country and expect the American foods to taste the same. Branch out! Have a meat pie or a stew. The portions are good sized so split a dish with your travel partner then you can try the local desserts
  3. Check the amenities provided by your credit card. Car rental insurance was covered and our cost for the week was just €60 plus gas! Many cards also include health coverage and other things in the event you have an accident or are left stranded for any reason.

Rhonda is a retired administrator for St. Louis University.

Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to have to dust off my passport after Christmas. But for now I don’t want to miss Union Station!



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    1. It was pretty crowded last weekend. January is a great time to go because it doesn’t have a lot going on after Christmas. I wrote a big chunk of Dance of the Devil’s Trill there in January. Very inspiring.

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