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Skinny Author’s Book Review – February

Meeting your next favorite author requires a recipe of discovery. How do your find your next read? Do you cruise the shiny book table in the front of your favorite bookstore? Maybe you’re in a book club and forced to read a selection you normally would avoid like the plague, but discover an amazing author in spite of yourself. That has happened to me dozens of times. Maybe there’s a review on PBS or NPR and you become curious enough to check it out at the library. However you decide on a new read I hope you’ll check out this month’s authors. Enjoy!

Lisa Ricard Claro is an award-winning author with published novels, articles, essays, and short stories spanning multiple media. She resides on Florida’s gorgeous Gulf coast with her indulgent husband, two cheerful dogs, and an affectionate-to-the-point-of-madness cat. A fan of every genre, Romance is one of Lisa’s favorites because she believes in love and happily-ever-after, but she’s a Mystery buff too, and a whodunit is coming soon!

THE WRITE MAN  Kid lit author Merry Sunjoy and sports columnist Nick Brubaker fall hard and fast for each other when they meet on the beach of Barefoot Bay. But Nick has a secret: He writes kid lit under the pen name Scurvy Rickets, and he is Merry’s online nemesis. As their romance heats up, so does their social feuding, and when Merry learns the truth about Nick in the worst possible way, their relationship crashes and burns. It will take deft writing on Nick’s part to convince Merry that he’s worthy of her love and trust, and that while he may be The Write Man, he is also, and will always be, the right man for her.

Amazon Reviewers are saying this about THE WRITE MAN:
“This story grabbed me and touched all of my emotions.”
“Filled with humor and heart-string tugs, I gobbled this one up.”
“. . . heart-fluttering romance, breathtaking beach scenes, drama, and plot twists . . . a delightful story with a happy ending.”


Jami Gray is the coffee addicted, music junkie, Queen Nerd of her personal Geek Squad, Alpha Mom of the Fur Minxes, and award winning author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams, and her latest Romantic Suspense series, Fate’s Vultures. She writes to soothe the voices in her head.

Beg For Mercy. Choosing a side has never been so dangerous…
To trap a cunning and illusive predator, a protector forged in a blood-soaked history must partner with the cynical heart of a betrayed assassin. Can the wary pair forge a bond of loyalty before suspicions and betrayals tear them apart?
From Gizelle Iworth of The Adventures of Giz (http://theadventuresofgiz.wordpress.com) on Goodreads (5/5 stars)
“I am a major fan of a good post apocalypse story and this definitely hit all the right spots, with ruined cities, dust and lots of action.

I love a good post-apocalypse book, and Beg For Mercy is a well written, underappreciated book. The cover, the title and even the genre are slightly misleading. This book is much more of a post-apocalypse adventure, where the powers that run the new world are unpredictable and unstable. My expectations going into the book were very different form the outcome. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Most of the characters we meet are interesting, and the world that Jami Grey created is dirty, ruined but so perfect that I felt like I was living in it.
The ending is gripping, exciting and you never really know what might happen. The book kept me intrigued throughout and the story never had a dull moment.

John Hegenberger
Award-winning author, John Hegenberger has produced more than a dozen books since mid-2015, including several popular series: Stan Wade LAPI in 1959, Eliot Cross Columbus-based PI in 1988, and Ace Hart, western gambler in Arizona in 1877. He’s the father of three, tennis enthusiast, collector of silent films, hiker, Francophile, B.A. Comparative Lit., ex-Navy, ex-marketing exec at Exxon, AT&T, and IBM; and happily married for 46 years and counting. Active member of SFWA, PWA, SinC and ITW. His novel SPYFALL won a 2016 award at Killer Nashville.

The Pandora Block
The race is on to find the cure for a bloody disease targeting women of color. But a hidden side-effect of the Black Sea Virus might kill us all. Time to call in the 21st Century Robin Hoods to locate, assemble and decode The Pandora Block.

Review – John Hegenberger takes readers on a globe-trotting ride that is part action/adventure, part spy thriller, and part theft caper. Meticulously researched, the book combines the best elements of Clive Cussler and Ian Fleming, with a dash of Dan Brown and Michael Crichton. A fascinating story.” — Baron R. Birtcher, award-winning author of Rain Dogs and South California Purples
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079FHV8MD  Johnhegenberger.com

Richard Edde was born and raised in Oklahoma. After receiving his medical degree in 1971, he specialized in anesthesiology then spent a career in private and academic medicine. In retirement he became interested in writing fiction and published his first novel in 2014. He is currently working in the final book in his Yeti trilogy. Richard lives in eastern Oklahoma with his wife and best critic.
Grant Collins is a man tormented by his past and it may get him killed. Returning to his hometown of Trinity to attend his mother’s funeral, Grant finds himself drawn into the local politics. A large corporation is attempting to bring a nuclear power plant to the town. And the stakes are high—including the murders of a number of citizens opposed to nuclear power. As Grant begins to unravel the mystery behind his mother’s unfortunate accident, he finds himself a target in the life and death struggle for wealth and power in Trinity.
Like most of Edde’s books, the story is intense, thought-provoking, well written, and hard to put down. You won’t want to miss this one. ~ Taylor Jones, The Review Team of Taylor Jones & Regan Murphy  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0773ZN6YR
Website – richardedde.com

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