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Every month I invite writers to post something about themselves and their latest book or work-in-Progress. Please notice their website links. You’ll enjoy other interesting stories and more about their lives. You might just be surprised when you discover your next favorite author. Each one has written a number of books over the years so you’ll have plenty of reading material for the summer. 

Ronnie Allen is a NYC transplant to Central Florida for ten years. A teacher in NYC for 33 years, and a holistic health practitioner, she uses her experience, and expertise in education and in the paranormal in her novels. She started writing this series inspired by the zodiac in 2011.

Scorpio: The Sign Behind The Crime, Book 3.
Suave and sophisticated, Henry Slater who’s murdered 16 women along the east coast, adds Det. Sam Wright’s best friend to his list which initiates an FBI investigation and conflict in Sam’s and Frank’s relationship. When forensic science links Frank to the killer, it looks like their relationship is over. The FBI starts a sting, but Slater turns it on them, taking Sam hostage. Will she survive this close encounter with a killer?

What people are saying about Scorpio: “ A terrific mix of crime, mystery, romance and psychological thriller. By Steven L.on February 9, 2018
I didn’t read the first two books in this series but Scorpio: the Sign Behind the Crime: Book 3, stands on its own as a very complete story. The plot involving the search for a serial killer is masterfully written, and all the characters are so well drawn they all feel real. This is a great mix of crime, mystery, romance and psychological thriller at its best. I highly recommend it.” 

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Scorpio-Sign-Behind-Crime-Book-ebook/dp/B0768WGHZC
• Website: http://www.ronnieallennovel.com

Yvonne Erwin writes women’s fiction and lives in Springfield, Missouri. Her passions include reading, writing, gardening, cooking, traveling and experiencing new adventures. She seldom goes very far without her camera, which she’s nicknamed her “mini-me.” Currently, Yvonne is serving as Director at Large of the Springfield Writers’ Guild, a chapter of the Missouri Writers’ Guild, and is a member of Ozarks Romance Authors. Her second novel, “The Sisters of Madelaine Street,” was released September 27, 2016. She is currently at work on her third novel, tentatively titled “The Journey of Forty-eight Steps.” You can find Yvonne at www.y-write.blogspot.com.

The Sisters of Madelaine Street  
Sisters India and Shelby Graham couldn’t be more different. India left their Missouri home town for life in the big city, Shelby remained, working as a nurse, looking for true love with the wrong man and being a buddy to her fifteen-year-old daughter, Quinn. When India returns home to heal after a personal tragedy, she realizes things in her family aren’t quite right, and Quinn is struggling with a heavy weight. Under the watchful eye of their childhood confidant, Gwen, the sisters bicker, love and learn, shifting the puzzle pieces around, but will they turn out to be a perfect fit?

Buy Link: https://www.amazon.com/Sisters-Madelaine-Street-Yvonne-Erwin/dp/1945669012

Who is Susan Keene?

Susan Keene was born in California, raised in Illinois, and lives on a farm in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. Besides winning an American Poetry Award, Susan has written four novels, and several children’s books. She also writes Romantic suspense and crime.

What people are saying about Who’s Roxy Watkins
Marilyn S. 5.0 out of 5 starsTwists & turns
March 22, 2018
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Any book that keeps me wanting to pick it up so I can see what happens next is good reading. I had trouble leaving it alone for a couple days. The flow of the story is easy to read with an exciting story line.

Who’s Roxy Watkins
One day Kate Nash was a private investigator. She had a thriving enterprise, a supportive boyfriend, and the perfect business partner. The next day she was arrested for murder. “It’s not me. I don’t care what you see on the surveillance tape. I was at home asleep.” The police showed her the film. She couldn’t tell the difference between herself and the woman on the video. Buy Link:  http://amzn.to./2Foe5kf  Website: http://susankeeneauthor.com/


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  1. I follow Ronnie’s posts and books on Facebook and I’ve known Yvonne and Susan awhile. Didn’t know Yvonne had a new book. Loved her last one. Susan writes the Kate Nash series, which i love, but Tattered Wings is still a favorite of mine. Loved the emotional aspect of that book.

  2. All of these books and series sound great. A great post and wonderful support for other readers. Good job, Tierney, as always.

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