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Secrets, Lies & Chocolate Chip Cookies #4

Good lord! I warned Robert not to feed the kids greasy food for breakfast. Did he listen to me? No. He went through the drive thru for sausage and biscuits. I’d left homemade fruit yogurt parfaits in the frig. I didn’t find this little fact out until he picked me up at Gerry’s Tire and Lube. I drove him to the office. Kiss. Kiss. A block later I hear the dreaded puke sound and something splash against the back of my seat. Heather began to whine and the boys started gagging. I had a fleeting thought maybe I could suggest feeding America’s enemies this food then take them on one curvy ride up the mountain. The government has Guantanamo and I have fast food breakfast sandwiches.

“Mommy?” Oh yeah. My daughter needs me.        
Working for Enigma is—complicated. At least it’s complicated for me. My husband thinks I’m working on my Ph.D. in geography, and I am, but it comes with a price. He doesn’t know about the price I’ve had to pay. Sometimes it feels like I’ve sold my soul to a bunch of sketchy people who say they’re doing the things the government fears will get their hands dirty. How is it funded? Beats me. I’ve never met them, but supposedly they are wealthy businessmen who want change. It seems to be a bottomless money hole. I should resign.

Why don’t I? Here is a short list.
1. I’ve broken the law.
2. Enigma is holding it over my head.
3. I like the adrenaline rush.

4. President Austin thinks I owe him.
5. AND last but not least—Captain Chase Hunter.
Oh geeze! Is that a sausage chunk in my hair? Gross. “Boys, stick your head out the window if you’re going to hurl!” Wait. Let me roll them down first. No! Wait! I gotta go. Here is a taste (Excuse the pun.) of why I’m constantly in a state of chaos. Tierney James wrote this down for me. It was the beginning of the end to my normal life.


The surreal smell of burning cookies reached her nose at the moment the two men fell to the floor, reaching for Chase’s gun. Without a second thought, Tessa clumsily placed the missile under her arm and pressed it firmly to her body. Just as Jamaal crawled toward the Beretta, Tessa entered the now smoky room and grabbed the bag of flour off the counter, only to dump it on the floor, before Jamaal.
Jamaal tried to scamper up on one hand but hit the flour and went sprawling again, dropping the gun on Chase’s chest. Chase pushed himself up on one knee. His eyes widened at the sight of the bomb under Tessa’s arm, just as she snatched another rolling pin from the counter. With one haphazard swing, Tessa slugged Jamaal across the back of the head.
He collapsed with a groan and a heavy sigh. Tessa’s breath, ragged and labored, prevented her from speaking clearly.
“Get up!” she panted. Chase did so slowly, questions showing on his angry face. “Who are you and what is this thing?” She dropped the missile from under her arm, but caught the tip of it with her hand.
Chase groaned as he tried to catch it himself. “Lady, that is a bomb. I want you to hand it over nice and slow.” He lowered his gun slightly and reached out his other hand.
“I think I’ll just make another call to the police. They should already be in the area,” she warned drawing the bomb nearer to her heaving breasts.
A hard, sinister look flashed in Chase’s eyes as he jerked the gun back up and aimed. Tessa’s mouth opened for a scream just as he began shooting and grabbing for her shoulder. “Down!”  http://amzn.to/1KbFRgY

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  1. Love, Love, Love this series!!! Any nibble of the series I lose myself in!! Just like dunking a chocolate chip cookie in milk, you eat the one cookie, but crave more.

    1. You are too cute! You’ll be happy to know I’m almost finished with Enigma #5 and already thinking about #6. Poor Chase! He is not going to be happy in #6. Getting ahead of myself. Tease.

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