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Sizzle in the Kitchen with Author Willy Robbins

Willy Robbins started out as fast friends when we found ourselves teaching at a local junior high school. She was a reading teacher and I taught world geography. Our paths eventually went in different directions, but we stayed in touch and found common ground through our interest in writing. She is one special lady! Did I mention she writes children’s books?  Meet Willy.

A kitchen?  Post a picture of my kitchen…impossible during the months of August thru May.  You see, I am a teacher in a public school. I do not have time to cook or look for my pretty lunch box.  This is a picture of my lunch box.

What pray tell do you suppose is in a lunch box that would sustain a public educator…

Yes, mustard.  The go to condiment for all busy educator/indy writers! Adds a bold flavor that wakes up the dullest of dull sandwich.

This is where the lunch magic happens.

If I am lucky, I get a colleague or two to join me.  You see a dull brown table on wheels, and I see a fortress of solitude.

Nothing fancy.  Reading the suggestion that Tierney made about a picture of salt and pepper shakers, and that her grandmother had 100 sets, I worried about the judgement my salt and pepper shakers would receive.  However, they are just too good to me not to post. Without them, my lunch time would be bland.

I have a wonderful kitchen at home.  I have new counter tops and bright white cabinets that I painted.  I have fleur-de-lis back splash in brushed silver, accented by a blue grey paint.  I go all out once a week…so we can have leftovers that resemble gourmet dinners.

I recently lost my grandmother, and even being over the age of 21, I didn’t think to ask her how to make her homemade noodles. I thought I would have her forever, and her noodles would be there for all my remaining holidays. Life happens she would say. However, she did tell me I made great wild blackberry jelly and I gave her some every year that I managed to make it.

She was my biggest fan.  

My latest book is Nogard the Dyslexic Dragon.  He has trouble processing words and letters, often feeling lost.  He has no trouble having self-confidence and does not let barriers keep him from soaring.     


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  1. Hi Willy. Ir’s funny that my salt and pepper shakers look exactly like yours. I don’t collect anything anymore. Clutter is my enemy, although you wouldn’t know it to look at my house. (NOT MINE, though). Love the book cover.

  2. Thank you for the compliment on the salt n pepper shakers, Shirley! I love them! No fuss, no muss!

  3. Hi Willy, I enjoyed getting to know you a little better. It sounds like it’s a good thing teachers get the summer off. My grandmother actually used to have a collection of salt and pepper shakers. I don’t know how many sets, but it was a fairly large collection. I know what you mean about your grandmother being around forever because I had the same thought about mine. You know I was thinking, does the school you teach at have a library? If so, they should have at least a few copies of each of your books–I’m just sayin’!

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