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Adventure Tuesday

Doesn’t that sound exciting? Today and every Tuesday for the next month, I plan to offer one of my novels free as a Kindle download. This week is Winds of Deception. Please take advantage of this offer. As of a few minutes ago I ranked #4 in the Kindle Store on Amazon. I’m trying to make it to #1.


  • Last day to get a FREE COPY. It was time to step up and be a hero or end up dead. But what would be the ultimate price? Meet Tessa, the girl next door you thought you knew.
  • Review on Amazon:
    on May 30, 2016
    What in not to love in these books? The story lines are intriguing with multiple subplots all woven into a marvelous read. The characters are unique with richly developed personalities and behaviors. The reader is so totally immersed in the story that when it ends he or she is saying, “no wait this can’t end yet”.

Next week, August 14th you’ll be able to download Rooftop Angels, #3 in the Enigma Series. Enter a new hero! Tessa finds herself in Afghanistan, but she can’t remember how she got there. She can’t even remember her name or why six little girls are depending on her for their safety against the Taliban. An unexpected tribesman offers her a solution to all her problems. http://amzn.to/1X5qG1q

August 21st you’ll be able to download #4 in the Enigma Series. Kifaru means black rhino in Swahili but in the conflict diamond trade you can count on trouble. Enter Handsome Jones who pits his will against the mighty Captain Hunter. When Tessa gets stranded at Lake Tahoe, she has to decide who is the most dangerous to her family. http://amzn.to/2zDdmMy  Diamonds are hard. Keeping them from falling into the wrong hands is even harder.

I hope you are enjoying this series. #5 Black Mamba will be out soon. There will be several more giveaways so stay tuned!



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