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Sizzle in the Kitchen (or not) with Author June Faver

The whole purpose of these series of posts from authors is to see the humorous and realistic side of our lives. I’m sure some of you think we do something magical every day but in truth we are just like you. Sometimes you just want to eat over the sink. Let’s see what a Texas gal does for grub.

I’m June Faver, and I’m writing from Texas. From the Gulf Coast to the Panhandle, from the Piney Woods to the BIG Cities, I’m all about this beautiful, diverse state of Texas. After working decades in healthcare, I’m pretty tough, but I’m a sucker for children, animals and the elderly.  Now, I’m living my passion as a full-time writer, best friend of the dog, handmaiden to the cat.

My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition. I used to love to cook. My daughter was a picky eater, so tempting her palate was always a challenge, while my son was my best customer. Feeding him was like trying to fill a bottomless pit. When they moved out on their own, it took a long time to gear down and learn to cook less. It still feels painful when I clean out the fridge and toss food. (because wasting food is a sin.  My farmer grandmother instilled this in me).

So, I do not really enjoy cooking since there is no one to enjoy it with me. I go to great lengths to avoid actually cooking now. My dog, Minx, enjoys snacking on cheese and smoked ham or turkey with me. (can’t say no when she gives me that look) I can live on salad out of the bag with some meat chopped on top. Maybe a hard-boiled egg. I will cook a pound of bacon and keep it in a Ziploc in the fridge, handy for BLTs or breakfast in 5 minutes.


Frequently my kitchen is located in the local McD’s or DQ where I can drive through and take food home in a bag. It’s got to be quick and easy to fit with my daily writing regimen. Gotta put my fingers on the keyboard.  

When I was 9 years old, my mother became the Martha Stewart of Lawton, Oklahoma. “What’s Cooking With Marj” was a popular afternoon program. She was very beautiful and looked great on the screen, but had no idea how to cook. Nevertheless, she appeared 5 days a week, whipping up dishes for the camera. The food never made it out of the TV studio, but fortunately, my grandmother was standing by to feed me. Thankful for sustenance.


Amazon USA: https://amzn.to/2KDvzLb

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  1. I did not know that about your mom. Very interesting tidbit. folks need to check out your cookbook, too. A Texan in the Kitchen is a great addition to any Kindle cookbook collection. Looking forward to holding Do or Die Cowboy in my hands soon!

  2. The only thing good thing about McDonald’s is their cheeseburgers and Iced Tea. I don’t like to cook either, but with a house full of kids and grandkids, I’m always looking for something easy. But Taco Bell is better.

    1. I used to love to cook for my kids, but they’re grown up and out on their own. Nobody to appreciate my cooking now. Maybe I need an audience? Most of all, I hate to toss leftovers. Waste not, want not. McD’s had good bacon cheeseburgers, and I will get several of their taquitos and nuke them, so breakfast is in the bag…literally

  3. We’re going on vacation but DODC will be here waiting for me. Can’t wait. That’s funny about your mother’s cooking show, and it’s good your grandmother was there for you. 😉 Just like C.K. Crouch, I’ll be looking for you on the NY Times best seller list and the USA Today list!

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