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Month: December 2018

Surprise for the New Year

Posted on Dec 28, 2018 by   1 Comment | Posted in Uncategorized

If you are like me, after Christmas my wallet is pretty empty and all those sales just keep calling me. I figured you were the same way. Most of my money went for gifts for my family and treats for the big day. Each year I like to reward myself with a little something for… [Read more]

Christmas Lifesavers

Posted on Dec 23, 2018 by   2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Christmas is upon us. You’ve finished your shopping, wrapped the gifts, planned the menu and cleaned the house. Ahh. Perfect. Wait a minute. You just talked to your sister-in-law and she mentioned how much she enjoyed those house shoes you got her last year. Then you remember you got the same gift this year. Mom… [Read more]

The Feel Good Author

Posted on Dec 17, 2018 by   2 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Today is the last time I’ll post about the dreams of authors. These authors are award winners, go-getters, funny, world travelers, workshop presenters, teachers, nurses, country music singers and one publisher! Whew. They offer me support when I doubt myself or my decision to take the writing journey I chose several years ago. I’m so… [Read more]

Merry Christmas – Author’s Who Wish

Posted on Dec 6, 2018 by   6 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Authors are dreamers. Our imaginations hold us hostage, keeping sleep at bay when most people are turning their brains off. Our characters talk to us while we’re driving, working and sitting in church. Although most us never become financially independent or a household name with our work, it doesn’t stop us from creating future worlds… [Read more]

A Writer’s Wish List

Posted on Dec 3, 2018 by   4 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Everyone thinks writers are these word magicians that have it all; fancy offices, the latest computer, beautiful stationary, and the aroma of specialty coffee from Africa in a Polish Pottery cup from a nearby home boutique. Okay. I’m dreaming again. The truth is some of us write from a recliner on a computer that is… [Read more]

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