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Merry Christmas – Author’s Who Wish

Authors are dreamers. Our imaginations hold us hostage, keeping sleep at bay when most people are turning their brains off. Our characters talk to us while we’re driving, working and sitting in church. Although most us never become financially independent or a household name with our work, it doesn’t stop us from creating future worlds of adventure, love, humor, and ideas for self-improvement.  

Yet, we all desire something special we’d love to have just for ourselves. I invited a number of award-winning authors to share their Christmas wish list with you. If you haven’t heard of some of these authors, give them a try.

This first author has been a Killer Nashville award winner and writes to keep you on the edge of your seat. His first book, Defiance, is one of my favorites.   

Eric Gardner

There are many things I would like to have come my way this holiday season.  However, none of them will fit under the tree.  I would like to be gifted with a stronger connection with family and friends through this season and into next year. Also as I work toward releasing book six of my series, I would like to have that feeling of excitement when I look at my characters to remain and grow stronger.  From my family to yours have a wonderful holiday season, and Merry Christmas!

Daniella Bernett just finished #6 in her series. She is a world traveler and one of the few people I know who has been to Iceland. Sigh. YES! I’m jealous. But she is such a sweetheart. This is what she told me.

“All I want this holiday season is health and happiness for my family and close friends. Those are the two most important things in the world.”

Amazon link for A CHECKERED PAST:



Linda Kane

This next author has a beautiful kitchen, creates delicious recipes and improves life for all God’s creatures. She makes my life richer by knowing her.

 “If you know me or have read any of my books you would know that I have horses, dogs, cats featured in some capacity. What I’d really like for Christmas is for people to donate to animal shelters or other charity groups.” www.lindaleekane.com


Then there is Sonya Ray, author of the Three Crowns Series. Awesome.

When I stopped to think about what I would really like to see under my Christmas tree this year, I honestly couldn’t think of anything that I really needed. I have a roof over my head, a good job, a car to get me from point A to point B, so I’m really good! A big box of love and compassion under everyone’s tree would be pretty great. I think sometimes through the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, we forget that we ALL are human and showing kindness and love to one another is a free gift that we all can afford. 

On another note, I wouldn’t complain if David Bromstad showed up at my front door and said, “Ms. Sonya, you have just won the lottery and I’m here to help you pick out your dream home, and while we are at it, we will find you a beach house at St. George.” Just sayin’.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


 Angela Drake

When I first started writing I met Angela Drake. She encouraged and welcomed me into the world of authors and writing better. Now it is my turn to honor her. Don’t you love her book cover?

“Corny as this may sound, I would most like to find my husband under the tree. He is gone so many of the holidays, Christmas being one of them most often. Once in awhile we get lucky. In my stocking- Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Hobby Lobby gift cards.”








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  1. Wow, looks like everyone has the same idea. I think we all want world peace, security, family, and good health. Not just for ourselves but for everyone. Miracles do happen.

  2. Christmas for me means spending quality time with family and friends. My wish is everyone finds peace and happiness as we celebrate our Lord’s birth.

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