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March Author Birthday

Some of us are Trekkies; you know those nerdy folks who love all things Star Trek. And yes, don’t be alarmed, Star Wars is kind of a religion at our house. Both of those enterprises (no pun intended…but it is funny) provide hours of entertainment for millions of people, not only in this country, but across the world. Are some of the episodes cheesy and a little out there? (More puns. Sorry.) The answer is yes. But oh, so much fun!

These shows provide hours of fun and a chance to escape. Where would NASA be without the vision of Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock? I would bet many of the people working in the aerospace industry today, fell in love with Star Trek or Star Wars somewhere along the way.

This is my author birthday month. I’ve given away almost 5000 books in the last week. I’ll be giving something away at the end of this post if you’ll stick with me. With any luck I’ll get a few more reviews. You might not know this but reviews are gold to an author, especially an indie author. Here are a few of the reasons:

  1. Saves time for readers who need to use their free time wisely. No one wants to purchase or borrow a book that ends up causing frustration rather than pleasure. Knowing what to expect and how others have received a story makes sense if you’re on the hunt.
  2. Visibility is a prime concern to authors, both traditionally and indie published. The more reviews an author has the more Amazon will promote that author’s work.
  3. This in turn leads to more sales.

The bad reviews are really painful. Trolls are out there (and some of them are authors maybe even Klingons) who get their jollies from posting a one-star review. Even when you have a number of five-star reviews, giving an author a mean one-star review lowers their overall score. Amazon also notices that.

Be kind with your words. Put those word phasers on stun. If you don’t like the book just stop reading it. If you must give a bad review consider giving it a three-star review and mentioning things you liked and didn’t like.  Keep in mind the author has probably worked over a year, investing time and money into the project.

Places to Review:

  1. Amazon
  2. Goodreads
  3. Bookbub
  4. ACX if it is an audiobook

So, do you want something free for my birthday? There are more opportunities for free books in April or I can give you one of my audiobooks on ACX if you’d like one. I have An Unlikely Hero and Dark Side of Morning. I humbly ask that you post a review. It would mean the world to me. It’s like giving me a gift! Be sure to read the guidelines for ACX. I know there is a fee to belong but there are coupons most months and points where you don’t pay much. Respond in the comments if you would like to have one (while supplies last).

The other way to get a surprise is by signing up as one of my followers on BookBub. https://www.bookbub.com/profile/tierney-james  On April 3, I will chose two winners to receive an Amazon Gift Card. And if you stick with me, there will be a few more free deals in April.

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