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Saddle Up for Big Country

Week One

When I was approached to participate in a western book collaboration, I didn’t hesitate because we would be raising awareness for the wild horses of the west. The American Wild Horse Campaign https://americanwildhorsecampaign.org/ receives some of the proceeds of Tales From Big Country that releases July 16. Twelve other authors felt the same way I did. During the next few weeks I plan to introduce you to everyone participating. You never know! You might just meet your next favorite author.  Join us on Facebook and see how you can win a $50 Amazon card and other prizes!
https://www.facebook.com/groups/2250671755252059/permalink/2273989346253633/ Let’s meet our first author.

Sharon Kizziah-Holmes

In my early teens I learned to play guitar and began to write country music songs. It wasn’t until my late 30s, when a friend suggested we write a book together, that I thought of becoming an author. Until then it had never entered my head. I joined some local writing groups and a whole new world opened up to me. These days I’m also a service provider for indie authors. I’m president of Ozark Romance Authors and often speak at workshops and conference on being an indie author.

My book is titled The Cowboy & Emily Tipton, pre-order on Amazon, After being abused as a child, Emily Tipton vows never to trust her heart to a man. However. when a stalker pursues her, she is forced to accept help from handsome ex-Texas Ranger, Zebulon Cooper, and everything changes.

Zeb is very good at his job as a private investigator and makes a pledge to protect Emily Tipton. However, he can’t be everywhere at once–not even for the woman he’s falling in love with.

My favorite western hero or movie and why? Boss Spearman in Open Range – Robert Duval makes all of the characters he plays so believable but he does cowboys the best! I’m not sure if it’s Boss who is my favorite or Robert. No, it’s Robert Duval for sure. =)

If you could have dinner with anyone in the past who would it be and why? My grandfather Isom Collier. There’s a family joke that says when Isom wasn’t being an outlaw, he was a lawman. There is rumor he had a gunfight with Bonnie and Clyde. Such an interesting man. I only wish I’d taken the time to learn about his life. I’m sure there’s a lot of history there. 

Eric Gardener

Westerns are a hallmark in storytelling.  I think every writer should try to paint a mental portrait in this terrific genre.  As a kid my family and I always enjoyed those classics like The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Tombstone.  They were tales that didn’t always conform to the standard Good vs. Evil mantra, and often times you rooted for the outlaw instead of the law man.  However, they were always compelling stories of grit and determination. 

With such a profound love for that wide-open plain motif I wanted to combine it with a smidgen or horror. Some of the myths, and beliefs of those who lived on the frontier are terrifying.  As settlers pushed west and found themselves immersed in a strange new world, I can only imagine how incredibly horrifying some of their experiences were.  That fear and wonder is what I set out to try and capture.           

The title of my book is Shifters.

Shifters is a story that was always lingering in the back of my thoughts.  I have had a constant fascination with the Navajo tale of a witch who has the power to take on the shape of any creature they desire.  Since the name of this being is taboo, I won’t utter it here.  How those tales must have terrorized the settlers and early pioneers is very intriguing to me.  Taking the time to dive in and research the beliefs was an eye-opening experience and one that made the story come alive for me on every page.      

 Here is what you can expect.

A lone cavalry officer catches a terrifying glimpse of the horrors coming to destroy everything he holds dear.  What can one man do to derail the monstrous abominations about to befall the land he loves?  He can fight… and fight he does!

My favorite western hero and why?

I’d have to go with the classic Yul Brynner.  My dad and I watched The Magnificent Seven countless times as I grew up.  His role as the leader of the group in that franchise helped shape how I envisioned the hero should be in nearly every western I enjoyed after.  

One of your favorite western locations.

That’s an easy one… Colorado.  My family and I had the terrific fortune to live in the Colorado Springs area for a number of years.  The majestic quality of how the plains come right up to the towering forms of the Front Range Mountains is breathtaking.  On those occasions when I got to travel into the Pikes Peak National Forest it was as though you were transported back in time.  It was easy to imagine that you were all alone on the frontier, your wits, nerve, and side arm the only thing to keep you out of trouble.  The tall mountains and the solitude among the trees was the perfect setting to let your mind and imagination wonder. 

Thanks to Sharon and Eric for sharing something about their work and life. You still have time to get the box set of 13 novellas/novels for .99 if you pre-order on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes. Remember we are supporting The American Wild Horse Campaign with part of your purchase price.  

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  1. Tierney, thank you for including me in your interviews. I’m so proud to have my newest book in this collection with so many awesome, award winning authors.

    You do a fantastic job on your blogs. I look forward to learning more about my fellow writers in this collaboration.

    Thanks again, Sharon Kizziah-Holmes

  2. Looking foward to these books. Thanks to you and all the writers for this great offer!

    1. Thank you, Vickie! Stop by anytime and see what is going on at the Lipstick & Danger website. I always appreciate readers and their comments.

  3. How did I miss this post? So glad I finally found it. I had the good fortune to read Sharon’s story before publication and really enjoyed it. I remember Eric Gardner from Killer Nashville. Such a nice guy I hope to run into again someday.
    Thanks for introducing us to the authors, Tierney.

    1. Definitely need to attend Killer Nashville again. It’s still my favorite writer conference.

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