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Blood Stones & Canyons – Saddle Up #6

Kris Lynn (Krista Lynn) is a former Geography professor who now writes earthy supernatural romantic suspense…and cozy mysteries.  www.kristallynn.com   

She taught physical geography and GIS courses at CSUF and Fresno City College before taking an Academic Coordinator for GIS Technologies at UC Davis Cooperative Extension where she built a GIS program to assist agricultural research.

At this stage of life, I am most grateful to be able to write when I want to and continue to manage my graphic arts business. All this while enjoying life with my husband and family and a smaller menagerie of dogs, one ornery goat named Polka Dot, and one spoiled horse that thinks he runs the “ranch.”

My contribution to Tales from Big Country is a romantic supernatural tale with sci-fi elements set in Arizona. It is Book #2 of the Sunset Canyon Series titled Cast in Stone: The Secret of New Moon Mesa. Though the story continues where Book#1  Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon left off, the reader will become familiar with the settings and characters in a fully developed story of mystery and suspense.


Join Sammy Peel, who braves the Ghost Moon and the curse of Sunset Canyon to search for his aunt and barely escapes with his life. Will his quest to find answers about the strange energy that seems to enclose the Prospector’s Mountain in a stronghold of magic, be fulfilled? Will the love he feels for the beautiful archaeologist, Tobi Racine, who may only be interested in his family’s knowledge of an ancient Indian settlement, lead him to the very real danger from the entities that dwell in the canyon and find the truth of his own connection to them


Discover more of Sammy Peel’s story and how the spell of Sunset Canyon in Prospector’s Mountain holds three families in the interweaving strands of two quests – one for gold, the other for answers to an ancient curse in Book #1.

Favorite western location

I grew up in Arizona. The beauty of the Arizona desert, the sheer magic of the terrain and open skies makes Arizona my favorite western location. The magic and spirit of a rugged, isolated landscape where mysteries are carried on the wind, and whispered in your sleep come together as the backdrop for The Sunset Canyon Series.

So, it’s not a big surprise that I love Arizona because we lived on an honest to goodness gold mine about 60 miles north of Phoenix. To say it was a gold mine is technically correct, but very little gold was ever mined. It did, however, keep gas in the jeep and food on the table. The real treasure of this placer gold-mining venture was the lasting impressions of living wild on the desert with my brothers, and a menagerie of dogs, goats, and a whole herd of wild donkeys that decided one day to walk into our corral and be our friends. Of course, that was in trade for lots of food and carrots. True story! We named them all with “J” names. My favorite donkey was Jasper.

This picture is of me, my brother Tim and various cousins. Our cabin was a stone’s throw from the Aqua Fria River that courses through the central part of Arizona. In the Sunset Canyon Series, the Peel family’s mine claim is only a stone’s throw from The Little Springs River – the fictional representative of the Aqua Fria.

 What is my favorite western hero or movie and why…Has to be

Old Yeller. Each time I watch it I cry my eyes out, of course, but each time I see it, I feel happy as well. The setting reminds me of where I grew up. We always teased and scared each other with the threat of Javelinas (wild pigs) in the desert around our cabin. And we always had big dogs. None of them were as smart as Old Yeller – couldn’t trust a one of them with a piece of meat left unattended – but they were as loyal.  All in all, I think Old Yeller is western movie true to the era with great characters, wonderful real relationships, and yes, a very real heartbreak that brings a young man into adulthood. What more could you want in a movie?

Dream Job?
I guess I can say writing is my third job. I was a wife and mother, then a college professor/Academic Coordinator, and now a writer? Wow. They were all my dream jobs. I can add that graphic arts have engaged my time right along with writing. Making book covers for my books and those of other authors is another way to fulfill my creative urges. It’s telling stories with pictures. How fun is that?! 


About what led me to write this new story –

The story of the haunted canyon in the forbidding Prospector’s Mountain and the three families that live in its shadow and under the threat of its “curse,” is an ongoing writerly pursuit.  Adding Book #2, Sammy and Tobi’s story, to the Tales from Big Country challenged me to finish in record time so I could be part of the group of talented writers all writing to help save wild horses. I’m so happy to get the opportunity to participate in the promotion of my writing while helping the iconic mustangs that are part of our western heritage.

 Also, catch the first book in The Nora Pigeon Mysteries – Where Nora Pigeon uses her psychic skills to help law enforcement…Whether they want it or not. http://bit.ly/norapigeon

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    1. Hi Shirley! Nice to meet you, too. McCann is the name of one families in the Sunset Canyon Series. Happy coincidence. Thank you for following the progress of this boxed set promo.

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