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Like most readers I have my go-to authors that whatever they produce, I read.Sometimes it takes me a while to get through the pile of books, but I eventually have a chance to enjoy all of them. This last year was no different, except I did add a few non-fiction books I felt you might enjoy. Then there were a few others I just wanted to add because I hoped you’d give them a try.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens was an expected gem! This was both painful and beautiful to read. Taking place in the swampland of North Carolina, it reminded me so much of my own mother’s journey, that often I had to set it aside to breathe. Granted this is not a happy book, but it is insightful, raw and touches the heart strings.

Red War by Vince Flynn (Kyle Mills writes for him now since his passing.) is another action-packed geo-political thriller that I’ve come to love all things Mitch Rapp (the main character). I always buy the hardcover version because I have this crazy idea the hero will protect me against all kinds of international bad guys if I have the book on hand. Although Mr. Flynn passed away several years ago, Kyle Mills has fallen in step with the true nature of the storytelling I’ve come to love about these books. This one takes place in Russia and it makes you think it is a little too real for comfort.

Breaking Cover: My Secret Life in the CIA & What it Taught Me About What’s Worth Fighting For by Michele Rigby Assad    This was such a surprise for me. I first saw the author interviewed on 20/20 with her husband who also worked for the CIA. You can see it on YouTube. I was so fascinated that I bought the book to get the whole story.  Sometimes we just don’t know why things happen a certain way in our lives until years later. Michele tells how she used her skills at reading people to lead a group of Christians safely out of harms way and into a new life thanks to her days in the CIA. This is not a dull story by any means. I have to say it was very touching and uplifting.

Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World  by Admiral William H. McRaven     This is small book, only 144 pages. This is the ranking as of today when I write this review. Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #67 in Books      #2 in Self-Esteem (Books)         #13 in Happiness Self-Help  #12 in Success Self-Help  AND this came out in 2017.  This was based on the admiral’s (former Navy SEAL) graduation speech. I watched the speech on Facebook one morning (you can still see it on YouTube) and bought the book. If you don’t come away inspired and motivated I’m not sure if anything could. This little book sits on my coffee table and I’ve read it several times. Maybe some of your “Oh Poor Me” friends could benefit from it. Great gift!

Killer Thriller by Lee Goldberg has to be one of my most fun reads. Yes it is a thriller but with lots of twists, turns and laugh out loud moments. This is the second in the Ian Ludlow series and I’m already anxious for #3. If you like the TV series Monk, you’ll like this. After all…Mr. Goldberg was one of the writers!

One Second After by William R. Forstchen is the first in his trilogy of what happens to a small community in North Carolina after an EMP strike. It is both frightening and informative. I’ll have to admit this series of books made me take stock of my pantry, medicine cabinet and survival instincts. Great reading but be prepared to watch the news each evening in a different way and eyeball that empty backpack that needs to be in your car at all times. I actually read this first book several years ago and just got around to finding the last two. Whew. Spooky.

I do actually read lighter material from time to time. I’d like to share with you two romance books that are a nice break from the heavy-duty books I often read. Both these authors are voices you’ll love. Snowing? Read these books. Cold and rainy? Read these books. Sitting on the beach? Read these books. Need to escape? Read these books.

Finding Clarity (The Diamond J Book 3) by Lori L. Robinett  A sweet, modern romance with cowboys. What could be better? This is book 3 and the other two are just as good. This is a fast read and will put you in a good mood for days to come. Robinett also writes some tingling thrillers, so explore all her books.

Hope for the Future by Kimber Jackson was a delightful surprise. What I liked about this book was how it showed how the past can haunt our future decisions. Sometimes you just have to believe in the good in those around you.   The job was simple. Pose as her boss’s fiancée for the weekend and earn $1000. But Karin and Craig’s make-believe love affair takes an unexpected turn when circumstances throw them together in the same room for the night.  Jackson also writes YA under the name Shirley McCann.

All of these books are available on Amazon. I didn’t check other markets. I’ll let you know about other books I love from time to time. In the meantime I hope you’ll also try some of my novels because sometimes you just need to escape.

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  1. Great post. I still need to read Make Your Bed. DIdn’t see what all the fuss was about Where The Crawdads Sing. I thought it was a bit boring but it did have a nice twist ending.

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