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A Life She Didn’t Know She Wanted

Can you imagine getting stranded in Afghanistan with no way out until American Forces realize you’re missing? What are some of the questions that might run through your mind?

  1. Will they be able to find me?
  2. How long will it take?
  3. What if the Taliban find me first?
  4. Can I drink the water?
  5. Where do I find food?
  6. How do I stay warm?
  7. Where can I hide?
  8. What language do I need to know?
  9. What if I get sick?
  10. Who do I trust?

These are some of the questions Tessa Scott had to ask herself when she found herself stranded with six orphan girls that weren’t as important to the Taliban as someone’s goat. The bigger problem was she had amnesia and didn’t even know who she was or why there was blood on her clothes. As things began to unravel into an unexpected adventure, Tessa is confronted with a dangerous looking man on horseback with a bunch of loyal followers who appear to be drug dealers. The leader promises protection.

  http://amzn.to/1X5qG1q   (FREE ON TUESDAY February 25, 2020.) Does she run away with a mountain bandit who can protect the children left in her care or take her chances on the Taliban not coming back? Tessa had to decide on the least dangerous man to save her.

Many of you know that I am currently working on #7 in the Enigma Series. That scruffy bandit from Afghanistan has returned to make life interesting when Tessa Scott travels to Russia to undo a terrible wrong. If you’ve read Rooftop Angels, you already know, that Captain Chase Hunter and our anti-hero Roman Darya Petrov, do not get along. Enough sparks fly in Invisible Goodbye to melt the coldest winter in Siberia, Russia. 

Ian Anthony
Jason Scott Lee

This Tuesday you can get a free Kindle download of Rooftop Angels. Just like always, all my books are on Kindle Unlimited for free. You might want to get a peek at our tribesman in this book. I’m running a contest on the Lipstick & Danger Reader Group on Facebook for a gift card. They are voting on which actor most looks like Roman Darya Petrov. Not a member? Well hop over and I’ll let you join. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2430789897157949/?epa=SEARCH_BOX   These will be your choices. I know. I know. How could anyone choose from these two? I think after reading Rooftop Angels you’ll have a pretty good idea. What do you think? Should I send them a script?

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