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Confessions of an OK Prepper #1

The time will come when you need to have a plan in place to save yourself, your family and love ones—maybe your neighborhood or community. What will you do to survive? Will you write the novel that shows how clever and prepared you are? Do you know where to begin? Have you even thought about this worst-case scenario?

I confess that becoming a reluctant prepper has been a journey. Because I have lived in rural communities where it was a must to travel at least thirty miles to stock up, I learned a long time ago to plan ahead. As the world began to change, especially in the last 20 years, my focus changed. I began to read about what would be the long-range effects of things like natural disasters, cosmic phenomenon and man-made messes.

Trust me; I’m as prissy as they come. I don’t like to get dirty, sweat, be too hot or too cold and I like to have pretty things. Some of my writer friends call me Bling because I’m always on the lookout for pretty accessories, shoes and handbags. The good news is you don’t have to give that up. As a matter of fact, I pride myself on having some lovely outfits in camouflage. Just because it might be the end of the world as we know it, doesn’t mean youcan’t look good. Right?

Each week I’ll focus on various aspects of being prepared. Maybe you’ll find a little humor too.

  1. Food Prep
  2. Backpack Prep
  3. Miscellaneous Supplies to Survive
  4. Equipment
  5. Medical
  6. Storage
  7. Entertainment
  8. Growing Your Food
  9. Bullets & Booze – What to trade
  10. Prepare the Kids
  11. Dress for Success (or what to wear for the apocalypse).

What kind of events can change our world? Maybe this has never occurred to you that Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.

Natural disasters:

  1. Volcanoes – Yellowstone
  2. Tsunami
  3. Floods
  4. Tornadoes/Storms
  5. Earthquakes – New Madrid & San Andreas
  6. Fire
  7. Climate Change
  8. Pandemic


  1. Asteroids
  2. Meteors
  3. Solar Flares: A solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group.

Manmade Messes

Create a NEMP or Nuclear Electromagnetic pulse. This is what both a man made and a cosmic pulse can do.

1.          Take out the power grid

2.          Stop your cars

3.          Stop communication

4.          Prohibit transportation of goods

5.          Jam highways

6.          Strand family, friends and important people who serve the community

7.          Stop filtration of water, and sewer

8.          Life saving medical treatment

9.          Government & services

10.        Banking

This is a basic list (and I do mean basic..as in lame) of things to start gathering in case the NEMP or a Solar Flare happens and I can’t get back to you. But I’ll go into detail later with my fingers crossed.

Here are some things you need to always have on hand.

  1. Water                                            
  2. Medication                                   
  3. Personal Hygiene Products       
  4. Dog Food                                       
  5. Baby Supplies                                 
  6. Ammo & Weapons                        
  7. Vitamins       
  8. First Aid Kit                                    
  9. Duct Tape                                     
  10. Plastic Bags                                    
  11. Batteries                                          
  12. Candles                                            
  13. Toilet Paper 
  14. Can Goods                                      

I’ll also give you resources and links to help you further your education on being a prepper. (Even if you are a reluctant one!) Join me each time for an update on being prepared. I confess this isn’t going to be easy but it will be possible.

20 Responses

  1. Great post! I’ve finally started stocking some things. This virus going around gave me a nudge. I’ll probably even print out this post to have a check off list. Thanks Tierney!

  2. Wow! This is quite a good Start on this series. You do think a lot about possible catastrophies. 😊. I’m sure this is all great advice!

    1. If I lived where you did I’d be super prepared. You’ve got all kind of natural disasters knocking at the door.

  3. You know very well that I am prepared. I have my beach fishing poles, so I’ll trade you dried salmon for…bullets? Heck, I just used my last candle from my prepping of Y2K.

    1. Just remember all those conversations we use to have about this. I even found myself looking at crossbows the other day and wondered we could get a Daryl? Lol.

  4. Well, it isn’t cheery, but it is awesome information. We didn’t begin to stock up and get our survival items together until the Corona virus. We now have many of the items on your list. I intend to print this thread and keep it for reference. I’m not a “The sky is falling” kind of person, but I know the things you write about are important. If the sky does fall, I want to at lease have an umbrella.
    Gook job, Keep it coming

  5. I like your list. I will add to can goods an old crank by hand can opener for when no electric. also need some kind of water filtration because bottled water will run out at some point. I guess I plan on lasting a long time.

  6. I think you have a lovely list. I look forward to seeing information about the different disasters ❤️.

    1. I have a lot more info on being ready too. I know that is something you probably already do.

  7. After cleaning out a hoarder’s basement, I find it disconcerting to fill it back up. That being said I love the strong toilet paper and the good flavor of crest toothpaste!

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