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Dance for Angels

In 2016 I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my favorite hotel, Union Station. I wanted to create a novel that was suspenseful and magical because that is the way it made me feel every time I stayed there. From the fantasy light shows each night to the old-world charm competing with modern day comfort, I began to look for excuses to stay there. Needless to say, my face got to be pretty familiar. I loved it when one of the amazing staff would say, “Oh! You’re the writer.”

     At the time the assistant general took it upon himself to give me a behinds the scene tour of the place. Secret ways to access the attic, bowels of inner workings, secret restaurant below street level for those who serve the public each day, and even a strange looking skeleton of an animal near the tower you see in pictures. It was spooky, dirty and exciting. I got to interview a number of people who were more than happy to share the comings and goings of ghosts, famous people and restoration. Through that experience I created Dance of the Devil’s Trill.

     The Devil’s Trill is actually a piece of classical music composed by Giuseppe Tartini in the mid 1700s. It is a sonata for violin. The story goes he wasn’t having much luck with his composing career until one night he awoke and saw the devil standing at the foot of his bed. He picked up Tartini’s violin and began to play the most beautiful music the composer had ever heard. Needless to say the next morning he decided to write it down and the rest is history. It happens to be what he is most known for and continued composing after that experience.

     I took that story and put my own twist of fate on it and wrote Dance of the Devil’s trill. In my book an angel saves Tartini in the first few pages from selling his soul to the devil. Because God did not approve of this move, He forced the angel Rocco, to walk as a man by day and an avenging angel by night until he could find true love that would release him of his curse. Of course, I had to make corruption, a Marine vet with PTSD, a irritating hotel owner, a priest and a struggling coffee shop girl, a part of the story. Interested?

     This Tuesday & Wednesday you can get a free download from Amazon. I never thought I’d be the sort of person who would write a supernatural book. Union Station can be both stunningly beautiful and magically haunting at the same time. They really rolled out the red carpet for me while I interviewed a number of people who gave me so many ideas. This book is a result of that. On Tuesday and Wednesday you can get a free download. It is NOT part of the Enigma Series. Give it a try.

Dance of the Devil’s Trill http://amzn.to/2qfOsKy Wandering for 300 years to help those in need until the night Catharina Spokane danced into his life. Would she be willing to sacrifice everything to free his angelic bonds or cave to pressure from a corrupt mayor to save a deserving soul.

     You want to know something really spooky? My main character’s name is Catharina. I didn’t know until after I published the book that Giuseppe Tartini’s wife’s name was CATHARINA!!! How weird is that? It was just meant to be that I wrote this book. I had a blast writing it because it felt like I was breaking all the rules—kind of like Catharina and the Angel Rocco.

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