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Once Upon a Time -Wait is that right?

Years ago, I visited The Field Museum in Chicago, a museum of natural history. I could remember standing in front of a display case with a life size mannequin of a Pawnee warrior. I was smitten for some unknown reason. I glanced away for just a moment. My peripheral vision picked up movement in the case. Even though I jerked my head around and thought the position of the warrior, was different; more life-like. I realized it must have just been the lighting which dimmed from time to time to protect the artifacts. Then I noticed the eyes.

Nearby was a Pawnee earth lodge that had been created and blessed by the Pawnee tribe a number of years earlier. I backed toward it, keeping my eyes on the warrior in the display case. When I entered the lodge, I found it peaceful. Attention to details and the coolness of the space, caused me to sit on one of the bench-beds covered in, what I thought, was buffalo hides. I’m not sure how long I stayed, only that I knew I had found a special home.

Years passed and I found myself at the museum again. Before I visited any other display I returned to the Pawnee warrior and had the strange sensation, like before, there was a slight movement. That’s when the idea kicked in of the possibility that the warrior was alive and watching everything that went on in the museum. Could he cross time and find me? Why would he take a chance? Then I spotted the Osage warrior in another display case. He was magnificent and threatening. What if they both came? One for good and one for evil.

That’s when Wind Dancer came to life in my imagination with Neosho soon to follow. Dark Side of Morning was born which began the Dark Side series. This is a tagline for the book. I hope you’ll meet these characters that quickly found their way into my heart. The new book, Dark Side of Noon will be released May 2, 2021. You can get the first one for free tomorrow and Friday (April 29-30). 

Dark Side of Morninghttps://amzn.to/2U8Cfar  Free next two days!

When someone comes looking for you from another time and place, you know you’re in trouble. Science Fiction Thriller, Horror, Action-Adventure

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