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Today starts a new series of Where Writers Write. Each week you’ll get to meet a new author and discover where they create their magic. I’ll go first and if you read to the end, I have a gift for you. Be sure to comment after the article too. I love to know what you think.

Where do you feel most comfortable writing and what time of day?

I have a cozy little office meant to be a dining room. There are a lot of mementoes I’ve collected from my travels and some of my favorite books I keep in a mid-1800s bookcase. I found it in an antique store in Gruene, Texas. Having inherited my grandmother’s chifforobe, I restored and painted it for a storage cabinet for my office supplies. I have maps on one wall and other pictures that puts wanderlust in my heart and imagination. There is a desk, of course, but I mostly write from my recliner with a lap desk. Marketing and concept writing goes to the desk. I admit I love leopard print so I have it here which always makes my kids laugh. My Boston Terrier keeps me company and even though she snores a great deal, I find it is a comfort to have her close by. You can find me here starting early in the morning and throughout the day. The commute isn’t bad and I can always throw in a load of laundry into the dryer when needed.

Do you have a certain routine you follow to get yourself prepared to write?

My bed must be made, coffee ready and daily devotion completed before I write. Usually, I need to check social media which can delay things if there is business to be done.

How long do you write before closing up shop?

I’ve tried to finish things up by dinner so my eyes can rest. But even then, I may do some marketing, blogging or plan ahead while watching TV. However, in the evenings I try to give the hubby my time. We both enjoy Netflix.

Do you use anything to get you in the mood such as music, Pinterest boards, photos, etc.?

For each novel, project I begin, I create a soundtrack. That is because the story plays like a movie in my head. The music I prefer is video game music or movie soundtracks. I also love world music. Rarely will I have music with words. It’s just too confusing. I also create a Pinterest board to help me visualize people, places and things. If it’s a work in progress the board will be hidden. When it is time to publish, I release the board for others to see. You can check out all my boards at https://www.pinterest.com/ptierneyjames/_created/

What genre do you write?

I decided to write thrillers after I read The Judas Strain by James Rollins. I devoured all his books and thought, “I want to write like that!” Unlike him, I write several different kinds of thrillers: domestic, supernatural, geo-political and romantic. Sometimes they’re all wrapped into one. The best way to describe them I guess is Action-Adventure Thrillers. Think Romancing the Stone meets True Lies with a touch of Die-Hard mixed in. See what I mean? Action Adventure. I have been blessed with devoted fans who have pushed my books to the Amazon Best Seller List a number of times. I’ve taken home awards for some of my short stories at conferences as well. All of my work can be found on Amazon.

What is one thing you’d like for other writers and readers to know about you?

I’m always on the prowl for another great story. I keep a notebook with me and dozens at home. Every project has its own notebook. The one I keep with me in my purse has about 100 “to write” story ideas I hope to get to someday. I keep adding to the list so who knows if that will happen. If you pass me on the street, in the car or in a store and I don’t speak. I’m not ignoring you. I’m writing in my head.  Seriously!

I would love to connect with you. Think about joining my reader group. We have a lot of fun and none of the nonsense you find on regular Facebook.

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Thank you for joining me today. For your trouble you can download my free eBook, The Rescued Heart. Here is the link. The offer is good July 30-31.

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Come back next week for a new romance writer. I know you’ll love her.

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  1. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us! Each time i “visit” with you i am inspired!

  2. Thank you for the up close and personal look into your world…I can almost see all the story ideas, locations, and characters floating throughout the room! And thank you for the free download, too! 😊

  3. This is great! I’ve started following you on Pinterest! Thank you for this room! Gives me ideas as we finish our home!

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