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Where Writers Write #3 Jason E. Fort

You just never know what kind of space a writer will create their one of a kind stories. Jason E. Fort is no different in that regard. We met several years ago at the Killer Nashville Writers Conference. His experience in law enforcement was put to good use on the panels he served during that week. I couldn’t resist buying his books. We’ve kept in touch ever since. Let’s take a sneak peek at his writing space.

Where do you feel most comfortable writing and what time of day? 

Oddly enough, I feel the most comfortable, STANDING UP to write (or type), at the end of our bar top. It separates the living room and kitchen, and since I like writing a LOT of action, standing up seems to help my thoughts flow. The time of day is really dependent on when I have the most free time, and when I already know what direction my last writing episode was heading. I do not write every day, because my writing also comes with moods.

Do you have a certain routine you follow to get yourself prepared to write?

I have to know I have no obligations for at least two hours. I try not to start writing unless I know I can set at least that much time aside. Other than that, I often pray for God to guide my thoughts. I also like to have a cup of coffee or three.

How long do you write before closing up shop?

Again, minimum of 2-hour window to write, but to close shop, I just need enough time to make sure all work is saved and backed up in 3 places.

Do you use anything to get you in the mood such as music, Pinterest boards, photos, etc.?

Honestly, playing the Assassin’s Creed video games helps me think of fight sequences, along with my practice in Wing Chun. Sometimes my son will be in the same room close to me, playing his video games. It’s actually good background noise to me.

Describe your writing workspace.

A little cluttered, with a mixture of stuff; mine and my son’s miscellaneous daily pocket items on a section of the kitchen counter. But I have room to move around; even to pace back and forth and sometimes tap a pen or pencil repeatedly on my hard head while I think of the next bit of dialog. And the words, Family, Hope, and Faith are hanging on the wall as a constant reminder of the things that are most important to me in my life. It always helps to be reminded.

What genre do you write?

I write Christian apocalyptic fiction, although I enjoy writing the occasional short story. I also just finished my grandfather’s life story. I started attempting to write a book off and on all the way back in 2002 the year my son was born. However, I finally wrote my first book in 2014, after I had an epiphany working as a police officer in a large hospital.

What awards, if any, have you accomplished?

I have won a few short story awards from some website contests, and I won an ‘Audience Favorite’ award at a local book sellers’ event at a local library, after reading part of my third book aloud.

Where can we find your books?


Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Jason-Fort/e/B00P9RJ7EE?ref_=dbs_p_ebk_w0m_abau_000000

Or just Google search Jason E. Fort

 What is one thing you’d like for other writers and readers to know about you?

I consider myself an avid student of Wing Chun, and strive to be like warrior philosophers of old, with a Christian twist

Best social media link is 


Thanks for stopping by everyone. I know Jason would love for you to check out his work.

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  1. I considered getting a treadmill with a writing platform on it at one time, but was afraid if I didn’t like it, I’d spent a LOT of money for nothing. Not sure I could write standing up anyway. Nice reading this Jason. Hope to run into you again at Killer Nashville or some other future conference

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