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Where Writers Write – #9 Author Lori Robinett

A number of years ago this next author and I kept bumping into each other at writer conferences. We hit it off big time and became fast friends. Although we live far apart, we try and catch up through social media, conferences and phone calls. She is one talented lady.

Lori Robinett is the author of the Diamond J contemporary western romances and the Widow’s Web thriller series. She lives in rural Missouri with her husband of 25+ years on a small hobby farm maintained for the comfort and enjoyment of their Beagle, Snorkie, and two rescue cats. In her spare time, she enjoys mentoring and teaching writing (check out her online course, Blank to 50K), crafting, and reading.

I enjoy writing anywhere, though I usually start out at my antique tanker desk that I purchased at an auction for $2. Because I work full time, writing generally happens in the evenings and weekends. My absolute favorite thing to do is take a day a few vacation days and immerse myself in writing. It feels so decadent, and lets me really get into that world.

When I first began writing, someone (I don’t remember who – whoever you are, thank you!!) suggested a routine to train your mind to write. To this day, I start writing by lighting a candle and touching one of my fairies or my little moose and squirrel figure for luck. Oh, and coffee is absolutely necessary. Before I put fingers to keyboard, I skim what I wrote the day before. I generally write for 50 minutes or so, then take a break, and repeat that as many times as I can. When I’m in the planning stage, I rely on Pinterest to gather inspiration – people who match the character chattering away in my head, locations and scenes that inspire me, anything that catches my eye and fits the story I’m mulling over.

I feel extremely fortunate to have a room of my own, which my husband refers to as the Bat Cave. It’s full of everything creative I’m interested in – lots of books, fiction and resource books, my old tanker desk, a counter height table for scrapbooking and creating, my little laser engraver, my die cut machine, yarn, and a whole bunch of paper crafting supplies. The room is painted in two of my favorite colors – blue and gray (for the Dallas Cowboys), with wood floors for easy cleanup. An afternoon spent in that room always leaves me refreshed and energized. I’m currently considering adding a mini-fridge, coffee machine, and bed so I’ll never have to leave. 🙂

One of the highlights of my writing career was having my book, Diamond in the Rough, selected as a finalist for InD’Tale Magazine’s Rone Awards. I flew out to Burbank, California for the awards ceremony. Having a couple of male models announce my name as a finalist, and seeing the cover of my book and my name scroll across the big screen when they announced the finalists was absolutely amazing. Although I didn’t win, I FELT like a winner. The next day, when I was sitting outside the hotel waiting for the shuttle to the airport, I noticed two women staring at me. I checked my fly, checked my hair, self-conscious under their scrutiny. They approached me and one said, “Are you Lori L. Robinett?” I said yes. The woman beamed at me and said, “I have all your books on my Kindle! I just wanted to meet you!” They both thanked me for writing and went on about their day, leaving me absolutely stunned. There I was, sitting on a bench in Burbank, California – and was recognized! Definitely a highlight of my life.

My books are usually available everywhere, but currently are available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The Diamond J series is available as a box set HERE. My thrillers are Fatal Impulse and Fatal Obsession. If you want to get a taste of my writing, check out The First Time, a short story.




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  1. I enjoyed reading this today, and promise I’ll read your books. Thanks for putting yourself out there!

  2. Lighting a candle, huh? I’d probably burn the house down. But I do like the idea of a ritual. Will have to think about that. I’ve read a few of your thrillers. Really enjoy them. Looking forward to seeing you again at OCW in October.

  3. You are a talented writer! I have your books and have enjoyed reading them. It’s just the best to be a co-worker at your full time job!

  4. Great interview! I’ve enjoyed reading your books. Truly, though, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you and doing scrapbooking events together. Keep writing!

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