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Where Writers Write – #11 Author Cygnet Brown

Many writers have a plush office in which to create, using a desktop computer. Others may write from the comfort of a recliner. Still others recount their adventures while traveling around the country in an RV. Cygnet Brown writes from wherever she is at the moment on her laptop. She lives in the Missouri Ozarks where in addition to being an author, has a small acreage where she currently raises vegetables and chickens. She is also a substitute teacher in nearby middle and high schools.

Her Writing Workspace

Cygnet can write almost anytime, but if she’s wanting to write new material, writing first thing in the morning is her best time. Just give her a topic and she’s quiet for hours getting the words down on paper. She can’t take too long, however, because she has chores to do around her place like gardening, and fixing up her home. In addition, she has to care for her chickens and her two cats, Neko (Japanese for cat) and Fress (means to eat heartily).

She can also write almost anywhere. She’s been known to write while a passenger in a car, when visiting family, or even when teaching classes, but most of the time she writes in her living room from the corner of her sectional couch. She keeps everything she needs right there beside the couch. She keeps a tote of the thirteen titles that she has written beside the sectional. Next to that is a small side table where she keeps her laptop when she’s not using it and paper and pens as well.

Cygnet’s Writing

Cygnet has enough variety in projects that she’s never without something to write. In fiction, she is writing a historical fiction series called The Locket Saga which is about a locket that is passed from one family member to another as the family experiences life in early America. So far, the six-book storylines have taken the family from before the American Revolution through the war and up until just past 1800. She currently has another five books in various draft forms that take the family up to and through The War between the States.

In addition to her fiction, she has seven nonfiction books to her credit. If that’s not enough, she has a blog called The Perpetual Homesteader.  https://the-perpetual-homestead-er.com/ She also writes online articles for publications on Medium under her real name Donna Brown where she writes about her passions of writing historical novels and also about her experiences.

She’s written thirteen titles; six in the Locket Saga and seven nonfiction books. Her latest book, The Survival Garden:  Plant a garden to last all winter that you won’t need to freeze, can, or dehydrate.

You can find The Survival Garden and the rest of her books through her Amazon Author Page


Thanks for letting us have a peek at your special space and way of life. I know readers are going to be really curious about that survival garden. I know I am!









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