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How I Became a Writer – Thank you OWFI

People think because I have seventeen books under my belt, numerous awards and have been an Amazon Best Selling Author several times, that I was born a writer. Nope. I was born with a thirst for knowledge. My father was a storyteller and loved to share his many adventures when we sat around the campfire. My fifth grade teacher also inspired me with her creativity and I wrote my first puppet play at ten years old. It was magical.

I hid that love of writing as time marched on, hiding my notebooks of stories and adventures I wanted to experience. When my youngest went off to college she made me promise I would start that book I kept meaning to write. It wasn’t until I heard that Steve Berry was the keynote speaker for Oklahoma Writer Federation Conference in Oklahoma City, that I decided to drive the five hours to attend. Steve Berry was one of my favorite authors so I just had to go. That was 2012. I had some rough drafts of a novel but nothing concrete. I was so inspired after attending the conference, I began to believe that just maybe I could be a writer. My trips to other conferences always left me with new goals and motivation. OWFI pulled me back over the years until I now have 17 books under my belt.

Fast forward to 2022 and I am now presenting for the OWFI conference that inspired me to jump in with both feet. I am so honored to have this opportunity. If you are thinking about writing that memoir, romance, western, or whatever your passion, don’t wait! I have two presentations; one on blogging and one on inspiration. If you are at this conference this week, please look me up!

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