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Gift Cards! The Perfect Fit for Those Hard To Buy People

In this hurry up and get here season of fun and memories, we often get stressed over finding that gift for someone special in our lives. Whether we are trying to make an impression, show our love, create a lasting memory or a hundred other reasons, the Christmas holidays are when either the Santa or Grinch in us emerges. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some ideas with you to help with those decisions. This week I’m going to cover gifts cards. I’m also going to put a link to some cute ideas for presentations I discovered on Pinterest. I’ll also put a link to my Pinterest boards for you to look around.  Let’s get started.      https://www.pinterest.com/pin/7529524368598758/

I’m going to divide the gift cards into several categories. Let’s start with the simple ones; men and women.

Men: I’ll be the first to admit that no matter the age, I’m stumped at what to get the men in my life. This might be the best way to give them what they want—cash! If I ask what my husband wants, he’ll usually show me a picture of Steve McQueen’s racecar or the green Mustang from the movie Bullet. (He knows I’m a sucker for anything Steve McQueen, but that’s still a big NOPE.) My boys shrug or mention tennis shoes, and the grandsons—well that changes by the day. So, let’s try some of these.

Best Buy (Think electronics you know nothing about.)           O’Reilly’s (Car Stuff!)

Lowes (Great place for tools. Again, I have no idea.)             Home Depot

Bass Pro (Hunting, Fishing, Camping)                                   Favorite Coffee House

Hardware Store                                                                   Garden Center

Tire & Lube Business                                                            Car Wash Program

Amazon Gift Card                                                                 Book Store

Gas Card

Women: We usually have fun with this category because by nature we are shoppers. Nothing gets our motor running like that surprise gift card we find in our stocking. We can buy what we want when we want and not feel guilty. Needless to say, this list will be a lot longer. I’m basically going to tell you the gift cards I love. Hopefully, it will help you in your quest for that perfect gift.

Panera               Starbucks                 Target                  Boutique Store

Book Store         Garden Center           Bath & Body         Business Supply Store

Kirkland’s            Hobby Stores           Candy Store          Cosmetic Store

Amazon               Fav Restaurant        Hair Salon              Nail Salon

Walmart              Antique Mall            World Market          Local Thrift Store

Spa                    Handbag Store         Shoe Store             Cleaning Service

Harry & David     Gift & Flower            Jewelry Store          Makeover

Movie Theater


I hope this has inspired you to think “outside the box”. You can take a look at all my Pinterest boards at 

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