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Christmas Gifts to Impress 2022

Every year more and more products come on the market. With online ordering it feels like our choices are endless. It can quickly overwhelm us with the range of possibilities that deliver the best service or product for your limited budget. If you don’t have a list. Make one. If you have a list then stick to it. With the easy access to shopping, it’s easy to lose sight of what to buy. I’m going to suggest some gifts for different people. Maybe one of them will be on your list.


Spa products like aloe socks, lotions, pedicures, manicures, bath salts and scrubs. You can find these online at stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon. One of the items I have bought with success is M3 Naturals Himalayan Salt Body Scrub. Other outlets are Bath & Body Works and Blue Sail Soap at www.BlueSailSoap.com. I highly recommend it and it smells divine. Beautiful and handmade with love.

Coffee shop gift cards, a variety coffee selection, coffee mugs, a free babysitting certificate, housecleaning service for a few days and a pretty basket with goodies they won’t buy for themselves. You know them better than me and there are all kinds on the market. But honestly, I like the ones people make with me in mind. Amazon also has a lot of premade selections. Just put in GIFTS FOR PARENTS, MOM OR DAD.

Got grown children that are also parents? Offer a weekend away and keep the kiddos. Take them for the day so one or both of the parents can have some me time.

The Gardener:

Seeds, subscription to a gardening magazine (I like The Garden Gate), garden tools, gift certificate to a greenhouse for plants and supplies, dirt (I love to get this in the spring. Might as well get a jump on the job.) Solar lights (TONULAX Solar Garden Lights I bought four sets of these. They are magical.)  Rubber boots, stepping stones, trellis, wall art and patio goodies. (Think pillows, windchimes, furniture.)

The Inspired:

Whether that person is a writer, artist, singer, actress, seamstress or collector, there are lots of great gifts to choose from. I’m a writer so I can walk into a book or a business supply store and hear angels singing. I’m kind of weird like that. (Same thing happens when I go into a garden center.)  I recently bought a set of LePens in a variety of colors. They are amazing! If you once try one you won’t want anything else. You can’t go wrong with unusual papers and journals, a yearly calendar (Blue Sky has some nice ones. Honestly there are hundreds in all price ranges so take your time when you search. And it is easy on Amazon. I should know. I have a tub full!)

So-Sew? Try this Etsy shop by Nelda Smith. It’s called Bountiful Threads. https://www.etsy.com/shop/BountifulThreads?ref=profile_header  I love her work and she has so many great ideas. A master of color and design, I’m sure you’ll find just the right thing for a special gift.

Artist? Whether you are a collector or love to create, I recommend the work of Jackie Sharpe. She paints all kinds of subjects. I absolutely love her work. You can find her here at jsartanddesign.com or on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100077466654902  

Folk artist, Valerie Willis, will make you smile with her whimsical art and home décor designs. She is in hot demand at Silver Dollar City, in Branson, Missouri. She will soon open a store which I will feature at a later time. But do check her out as well.  I’m a fan of her gnome boards which are painted on fence pickets. Check her out at  sassafrascountry.com

Hobby stores have tons of supplies for those who enjoy drawing and painting. Even for my little girls I secure a sketch book for them and new markers. You can’t go wrong there. Then there is an easel, canvas, colored pencils, stickers, scrapbooks and don’t forget photography. My grand daughter and I have started making junk journals. They are so fun and you can get plenty of supplies at your favorite craft outlet.

Music lovers will love unique instruments if they are a collector. My grandson recently found my dulcimer I had set aside. I couldn’t tune it and he had it ready and playing it within a few minutes. He was thrilled I let him take it home. But for me I love CDs (yes, I still order them), streaming music, theater performances, concerts, and don’t forget music lessons no matter how old a person might be. My tastes in music probably would not be your cup of tea. I enjoy everything thing from world music (think African Pygmy music, bagpipes, Gregorian chants and Russian folk songs) to Classical and jazz. Actually, the only music I don’t care much for is rap and head banging music that sounds like yelling. So, know the kind of music your gift needs to be.

And for that person who is on the road a great deal I’d like to recommend an audiobook subscription or Sirius XM Radio subscription. They sometimes run a special and can cost around $5 a month. I just got an ad in the mail for it. https://www.siriusxm.com will take you to their home page.

You can also order books from me. I have two Christmas ones that are seasonal appropriate. Both are full of action, suspense and a touch of romance. Here are the links: The Knight Before Chaos https://amzn.to/2lNoSQ0  Dance of the Devil’s Trill http://amzn.to/2qfOsKy







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