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Welcome November!

Where has the year gone? This is a wonderful time of year, full of holidays, travel, delicious meals with those we love and expectations of magical moments with a jolly ole elf. It is also a time when we reflect back on the year of what we’ve learned and accomplished. I’m hoping that your days for the following two months are blessed and full of hope.

So, what have I been up to? I’ve been hitting it hard in the writing cave and am happy to tell you I’ll have two news books coming out in the coming weeks. The first one is on pre-order for $2.99 on Amazon. It is #9 in the Enigma Series. Here is what to expect.

THE HEMLOCK SWITCH   https://bit.ly/490lYdZ

Follow the heart pounding action as the Enigma Team tries to save world leaders from a sociopath they’ve come to admire and support. With little time left toward world domination by a mad man, Captain Hunter and Tessa play a cat and mouse game that unravels quickly. Only one person can save them, but remains hidden and protected by Captain Hunter.

Together Tessa and Captain Hunter finally cast fate to the wind and start a life together. While on their honeymoon, flood waters separate them until a stranger comes to the rescue. When the captain discovers he owes his life to a former enemy, he is forced to use Tessa to lure him into being captured. Two hitmen are cornered, but killed by a mysterious poison before they can be interrogated about the global risk. Captain Hunter knows who is stalking him for elimination as he nears one step closer to taking down the most dangerous man alive. With Tessa in the clutches of a sociopath, he has to choose whether to make the world a safer place to live or pull his wife from the jaws of death.

Tessa risks her life when she realizes it is the only way to protect her family and the country she loves. With Andre Lavelle Vion’s sudden fascination with her, the thought arises that maybe Enigma has it all wrong. The good Samaritan saves lives from blood diseases across the world and donates millions to children’s hospitals and third world countries. When she discovers a sinister secret to control the leaders of the world with a deadly poison using a computer chip, Tessa rushes to warn the people in power.  President Buck Austin is the first to fall victim to the madness and may not survive. Enigma calls upon her one more time to pretend she has fallen in love with the monster who creates chaos.

This time Captain may not ride in on a white horse and save her. Two unlikely friends rise to the occasion and put their own lives at risk as they fight their way into chaos with deadly consequences.

Don’t worry! It will be okay to start anywhere in the series. Each story can be read as a standalone. However, it is fun to see how in the world this housewife with three kids got mixed up with the sketchy group of agents who help protect our country. Some say she is a hero that smells like chocolate chip cookies and wears high heels. Her name is Tessa. She just can’t stay out of trouble. Be sure to read to the end for a freebie!

On October 9, I had a total knee replacement. Not fun. But my husband played the hero and has taken good care of me. Yesterday, the physical therapist said I was ahead of the game so far. That was a good sign. I’m managing to walk with a cane, and rather fast I might add. This gave me some much-needed time to put the finishing touches on my new Enigma Christmas novel titled, Knight of the Sugarplum Fairy. My domestic thriller series with Enigma is usually action packed with a lot of twists and turns. When it comes to the Christmas stories in the series, it gets a little lighthearted and funny. This is the second one I’ve written with a Christmas theme. They are so much fun to write. It too, is on pre-order for $2.99. Here is a snippet for you.


Captain Chase Hunter decides this Christmas with Tessa’s kids will be epic. Show no fear, suck it up and boldly go where even the Taliban would not dare to go, is his mantra. Then the live Nativity at their church catches on fire thanks to Tessa’s oldest son, when he comes to the rescue of his little sister and her special needs friend. To make things interesting, when the firemen hit the manger with a blast of water, the baby Jesus hangs precariously from a nearby tree. The captain saves the reputation of the three Scott children, only to have to explain to local police why escape camels and pot-belly pigs are now running wild in the streets of Grass Valley.

Watching from the shadows, Anthony Gallo, an escaped felon, lurks with dangerous intent, hoping to snatch his daughter and escape to Mexico. But with Captain Hunter on the scene, along with an FBI Agent who has tracked him for weeks, his options are limited. Add to the unexpected presence of law enforcement, he has no idea which little girl belongs to him. Is it the one with the curly hair and the pretty mother who wipes her tears, or the Down syndrome child who sobs in the arms of another woman?

As a special gift to you, I’m offering the first one, The Knight Before Chaos (eBook) for FREE on November 3-4. I may extend it longer so check back if you missed it. Talk about a laugh out loud romp! I love writing these because my inner child comes shining through.

The Knight Before Chaos https://amzn.to/2lNoSQ0

Another freebie for you is the first in the series, An Unlikely Hero   http://amzn.to/1KbFRgY     




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