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I’m so happy to announce that book #2 in the Dark Side series has been released. It is Dark Side of Noon. Even though there are some spooky parts to the book, a lot of it is funny. Be sure to read a few of the things readers are saying.  This is what to expect:

Dark Side of Noon https://rb.gy/sxdwrq               

Dark Side of NoonAn evil force lurks in a national forest, taking the most innocent of people while a killer uses superstition to cover his tracks.  

In a small New Mexico town, the death of a young hiker puts law officials on high alert after no cause of death could be determined. It isn’t the first-time strange things have occurred in their national forests and parks. The common denominator in a series of recent cases is a pair of missing shoes with the body posed peacefully near the area that has already been searched.

Detective Jacque Marquette and his time-jumping friend Wind Dancer, decide on a vacation in Northern New Mexico only to find themselves caught up in a kidnapping of a Down syndrome child. Accused of being involved, the two convince Police Chief Perez to let them team up with her department in order to rescue the little boy. When they discover their friend, Dr. Cleo Sommers, has also disappeared, they attempt to unravel the mysterious chain of events that beckon supernatural forces from a bygone culture and a killer who walks among them.

Time is running out as a solar eclipse summons evil forces, one from the underworld and one who is human. Can the mythical creature Chaveyo, be stopped in time, or will Dr. Sommers disappear into another realm of the universe she can’t escape?  https://rb.gy/sxdwrq              

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