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What makes some people so unique you just can’t help but tag along on their journey of success? It’s a mystery for sure. But one thing I’ve discovered is that some people have unique talents, gifts you might say, to take the smallest idea and begin to build on it, one block at a time. Enter 15-year-old Gabe Crouch of Springfield, Missouri. Dipping into his savings, he decided to open up a chic, upscale salon which would draw young and energetic clientele. So while you’re here you’ll get an idea of the people who work at Blades & Shades.

But every story has a beginning and this one is no different. Welcome, Gabe. Let’s find out a little more about your ability to run your own business.

What was your first leap into the business world?

I started a homemade laundry soap business when I was seven. I moved from that to bike repair out of my mom’s garage and lawn mowing where I made around $3000 in just one summer. I even bought and sold things on Craig’s list and had a dog sitting business.

What compelled you to start so many businesses? That is pretty remarkable for anyone but especially for someone so young.

All my life I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and wanted to start early. Although my family was comfortable, I wanted something bigger, better, and all that stuff. I knew the only way to make that happen was to work harder and smarter. Then when I saw the opportunity in September of 2017 to buy out an old cosmetology school I took the chance and rented the building too. The job of opening a salon began.

What kinds of things go into opening a business like this? Sounds a little overwhelming.

I had to pull out my life savings, 24K to be exact in order to renovate, license and pay for marketing. I also had to find talented people. I’ve included some of them here.

   How has this changed your life?

Well it definitely has affected my school work, but I’ve managed to still make A’s and B’s. And I actually have an active social life. My friends didn’t believe me at first but now they are proud of me.

What are some advantages and disadvantages to starting your own business?

To me the advantages are it keeps me motivated while helping others support their families. I like being able to support myself as well. The disadvantages would be how stressful it can be which is very draining. But through it all I’ve learned to be more responsible and follow through on a project. This has also taught me about self-education and finding good mentors. Listen to them intently and heed what they say.

What does the future hold for you?

In ten years I see myself living in a beautiful home, and being able to support my parents as they grow older. I want to own the salon, a couple of Dollar Generals and an apartment complex.

What is your advice for other teens who want to start a business?

  1. Be ready to work hard.
  2. Be willing to put aside things other normal teens want to do.
  3. Educate yourself.
  4. Listen to people who are more successful than you and nobody less. Those “less” people would be making more money if they knew how.

Thank you, Gabe for sharing your wisdom. I have tried your salon and spa and just love it.  Find them on Facebook. And in case you’re wondering, here are a few things you might be interested in at Blades & Shades!

Facials, Body Scrub, Massage, Waxing, Hair Cuts, Colors, Vivids, Perms, High Lights, Lash Extensions, Styles, Make-up and of course Pedicures and Manicures. What more could a person want?

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