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Confessions of an OK Prepper #1

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The time will come when you need to have a plan in place to save yourself, your family and love ones—maybe your neighborhood or community. What will you do to survive? Will you write the novel that shows how clever and prepared you are? Do you know where to begin? Have you even thought about… [Read more]

Dance for Angels

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In 2016 I traveled to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my favorite hotel, Union Station. I wanted to create a novel that was suspenseful and magical because that is the way it made me feel every time I stayed there. From the fantasy light shows each night to the old-world charm competing with modern day… [Read more]

A Life She Didn’t Know She Wanted

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Can you imagine getting stranded in Afghanistan with no way out until American Forces realize you’re missing? What are some of the questions that might run through your mind? Will they be able to find me? How long will it take? What if the Taliban find me first? Can I drink the water? Where do… [Read more]

To Russia with Love?

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One of the things I do as a writer is research. This helps me get a feel of the place, people and culture I want to weave into my stories. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to have traveled to the places I write about in hopes of drawing the reader in.  I’ve lived in five states,… [Read more]

Serving Up New Authors

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THE SPEED DATING FOR READERS INTERVIEWS this week come from Texas and Oklahoma. You may have seen Saralyn Richard on Instagram with her adorable sheepdog visiting schools, libraries and community groups. But she doesn’t just write children’s books. There is some pretty exciting mysteries going on in her head too. Then there is Sid Martin… [Read more]

Moscow: Make Your Bed Please

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Books to Read This Year Like most readers I have my go-to authors that whatever they produce, I read.Sometimes it takes me a while to get through the pile of books, but I eventually have a chance to enjoy all of them. This last year was no different, except I did add a few non-fiction… [Read more]

Speed Dating for Readers 2020 From Comedian to Author

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Each year I like to introduce you to some new authors you may not have come across. These folks have led interesting and adventurous lives even before they became an author. This week I’d like for you to meet Amanda Caldwell and Valerie Gilbert. Okay, ladies! Hello! My name is Amanda Cadwell and I have… [Read more]

The Write Stuff for Writers

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Each year I try to improve my craft. I love writing and understand that I can always do better. There are ideas I want to try, worlds I want to build, tips, tricks and short-cuts I need to find in order to help me produce the stories that dance around in my head in the… [Read more]

The Lumpy Gift Giver

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Do you ever give a gift to someone special in your life that makes you feel like you really didn’t try very hard to find just the right thing? Is it because they have everything or maybe possess a special talent that might defy a reasonable choice so you give up? Maybe you just grab… [Read more]

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