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Christmas Gifts to Impress 2022

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Every year more and more products come on the market. With online ordering it feels like our choices are endless. It can quickly overwhelm us with the range of possibilities that deliver the best service or product for your limited budget. If you don’t have a list. Make one. If you have a list then… [Read more]

Gift Cards! The Perfect Fit for Those Hard To Buy People

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In this hurry up and get here season of fun and memories, we often get stressed over finding that gift for someone special in our lives. Whether we are trying to make an impression, show our love, create a lasting memory or a hundred other reasons, the Christmas holidays are when either the Santa or… [Read more]


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Where did this year go? Is it really almost Christmas? I’m inviting you to a Facebook party tomorrow, Tuesday, November 15th. It begins at 8am and goes all the way to 8pm. Long party indeed. However, you can come and go as you please. I’ll be there hosting from 11-Noon. And like the other authors… [Read more]

Martyrs Never Die (#8 in the Enigma Series)

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PROLOGUE The dune buggy drove recklessly across the sand dunes, bouncing the two young men up and out of their seats in spite of the seat belts they wore. Their shouts of joy echoed across the drifting sands as the setting sun turned everything into rivers of wavy gold. They halted at the top of… [Read more]

How I Became a Writer – Thank you OWFI

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People think because I have seventeen books under my belt, numerous awards and have been an Amazon Best Selling Author several times, that I was born a writer. Nope. I was born with a thirst for knowledge. My father was a storyteller and loved to share his many adventures when we sat around the campfire…. [Read more]

Confessions of an OK Prepper – Asteroid Barrels Toward Earth

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Lots of unexpected things have occurred during the last couple of years. There are wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic activity and let’s not forget global warming. The pandemic woke a lot of us up to what it might be like if we ran out of this or that, no job, cyber-attacks, war and health care… [Read more]

Pirates, Cat Burglars, Ghosts, or a Sahara Moon?

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This is a busy time of the year for me. Fortunately, I have been working on three books. The first one just released over the weekend. It is a little book of short stories I’ve managed to pull together after one of my fans sweetly asked for them all in one place. She’s a busy… [Read more]

Confessions of an OK Prepper – Are You Ready?

Posted on Apr 14, 2022 by   6 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

In 2019 our safe little world seemed to be doing okay. It took a while to bounce back from 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but it felt like things were winding down a bit. It didn’t take up near as much news time as a few years earlier. The focus was on the president and election… [Read more]


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  There will be ten guest authors who plan to spend the day with you. Fun activities and of course, prizes and other goodies. All you have to do is join the group and show up. And to top things off you could win a $30-$100 Amazon Gift Card if we reach our membership goal…. [Read more]

Where Writers Write – #11 Author Cygnet Brown

Posted on Oct 20, 2021 by   3 Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Many writers have a plush office in which to create, using a desktop computer. Others may write from the comfort of a recliner. Still others recount their adventures while traveling around the country in an RV. Cygnet Brown writes from wherever she is at the moment on her laptop. She lives in the Missouri Ozarks… [Read more]

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