Lipstick & Danger

Kids & Teachers

There's a Superhero in the Library by Tierney JamesThere’s a Superhero in the Library

James loves Mrs. Bodenhammer, the school librarian. She introduced him to the magic of reading books. Then one day Mrs. Bodenhammer disappears. He discovers his beloved librarian has cancer. Even though he doesn’t understand how you get cancer James soon realizes it is serious. When the new librarian shows up with no hair and dressed like a superhero James has to decide whether or not to open his heart. Soon they become great friends and he decides this superhero is awesome. A surprise awaits James the day he hears Mrs. Bodenhammer will soon return having recovered from cancer.

We rarely think about how our children are affected when their teacher becomes ill and unable to attend school. This light hearted tale of a little boy and the teacher he loves brings hope and joy in the scary world of cancer. James discovers that superheroes walk among us every day. Sometimes it’s just hard to see them.

Zombie Meatloaf by Tierney JamesZombie Meatloaf Jubi discovers there may be more to being a zombie than she first thought. She embarks on a quest to find the answer to the question: Are there such things as zombies? Surprised at the facts, Jubi notices the other kids in her classroom start to look a little strange. They can’t focus, and are not listening to the teacher. At lunch something amazing happens to the children. Could it be the meatloaf is the clue to avoid becoming a zombie? Follow Jubi as she learns how good nutrition could hold the key that keeps our minds alert and promotes a more productive, healthy life. Plus, find out how to fix a lip smacking meatloaf.

African Safari: A Thematic Lesson Book for Teachers by Tierney JamesAfrican Safari – A thematic lesson book for teachers

This book was written to introduce students and teachers to the continent of Africa. It incorporates all core subjects plus music and art. Since Africa is a vast and diverse continent choose a section that most interests you as well your students. African Safaris was designed so that further studies might continue beyond a few nations that you choose to focus on at first.