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Writer Conference? Should I go?

 Writing conferences, to me, are the best thing since sliced bread. It is what propelled me to believe in myself and that just maybe, I could do this crazy thing called writing. Everyone writes. EVERYONE! Maybe it is a report

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The Hemlock Switch – Should one person rule the world?

Just a reminder that Wednesday, November 8, 2023 you’ll be able to get a copy of THE HEMLOCK SWITCH. Here is the link and the storyline.  Try the video. https://youtu.be/Y18PDiteTHg?si=KuKauQ-uS16SqRtm Blurb for: THE HEMLOCK SWITCH   https://bit.ly/490lYdZ Follow the heart pounding

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Welcome November!

Where has the year gone? This is a wonderful time of year, full of holidays, travel, delicious meals with those we love and expectations of magical moments with a jolly ole elf. It is also a time when we reflect

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Hey Santa! Why not now?

Welcome to Christmas in July. This is a promotion for you to join us in sharing some terrific Christmas stories to escape the heat and pretend it’s magical outside instead of under a heat dome. Oh! And there’s a $50

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Christmas in July

Don’t be shy! It’s Christmas in July! It’s that time of year again when Hobby Lobby and Amazon jumps the gun and starts posting for Christmas. So why not me? And I’ve got really, really exciting news for you! As

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Christmas Gifts to Impress 2022

Every year more and more products come on the market. With online ordering it feels like our choices are endless. It can quickly overwhelm us with the range of possibilities that deliver the best service or product for your limited

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