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The Enigma Series

An Unlikely Hero https://amzn.to/1KbFRgY

You’d be surprised at what a wife & mother can do with a little imagination when confronted with a terrorist. Some heroes wear high heels & smell like chocolate chip cookies. Her name is Tessa.

Winds of Deception https://amzn.to/1dxkHOo

Can a woman who believes spiders should be considered a terrorist threat, save the president twice from an assassin? Or will Capt. Hunter kill Tessa before she can explain why she is holding a gun on the president who is bleeding all over the floor?

Rooftop Angels https://amzn.to/1X5qG1q

Does she run away with a mountain bandit who can protect the children left in her care or take her chances on the Taliban not coming back? Tessa had to decide on the least dangerous man to save her.

Kifaru https://amzn.to/2zDdmMy

Tessa Scott thought taking her children to Squaw Valley for a skiing trip would be a great way to relax. Reconnecting with her family turned out to be more of an adventure than she’d planned when several men followed her onto a snow-packed highway. After meeting a stranger at a convenience store, she convinced him to help her get away, only to discover later, the stranger was the bigger threat.

Black Mamba https://amzn.to/2PjbZuo

Action-Adventure continues when Tessa follows her friend, Handsome Jones to Botswana, Africa, and finds herself in the crosshairs of a corrupt dictator. With the winds of change blowing through the Okavango Delta, she calls on the Enigma team to protect the man who threatens the stability of a peaceful nation.

The Knight Before Chaos https://amzn.to/2lNoSQ0

Captain Hunter believed watching Tessa Scott’s children for one night would be an easy assignment while she traveled to the airport in Reno to pick up her parents. What he hadn’t considered was how much they resembled miniature, domestic terrorists. The former Delta officer discovers, outmaneuvering the Taliban was child’s play compared to keeping three kids from falling victim to a group of not-so-smart burglars. But with their flare for the dramatic and enough plastic firepower to make Darth Vader tremble, the children help Chase make this Christmas one they’ll never forget.

Here are some stand alone books you may enjoy. All are suspenseful with a thread of romance. You’ll still find plenty of action-adventures too.

Dance of the Devil’s Trill https://amzn.to/2qfOsKy

Wandering for 300 years to help those in need until the night Catharina Spokane danced into his life. Would she be willing to sacrifice everything to free his angelic bonds or cave to pressure from a corrupt mayor to save a deserving soul.

The Rescued Hearthttps://amzn.to/2vn42GB

Sometimes you need to be rescued when you try and escape your heart’s desire. Somewhere between a cover-up and fate, lies the truth buried in a collapsed mine.

Dark Side of Morninghttps://amzn.to/2U8Cfar

When someone comes looking for you from another time and place, you know you’re in trouble.

Additional Books

How to Market a Book Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read https://amzn.to/2qBIVAz

Believe in yourself! You got this. Helpful hints and tips to get the attention of readers.

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